The pope is always a bastion of conservative right wing bigotry and bias.  Yet he strangely gets off rather lightly by the media.  In a culture that worries about the hatred fomented by patriarchy this is very strange.  Patriarchy is vile but religious patriarchy is another kind of vile. 

Some however are not blind and see religion as a con.  Let us look at the sincerity of the pope.

Is the pope sincere when he pretends to hate sins and not sinners to avoid the legal consequences of openly advocating hatred? He advocates the kind of hatred that is bottled up and leads to mental disorders.
Is the pope sincere when he says that marriage is a union of love when the truth is if you could wave a magic wand and get the most exciting and attractive partner in the world without hurting anyone you definitely would so the love for your partner is just superficial and taking second, third or fourth or whatever best for it is better than nothing?
Is the pope sincere when he says marriage is for life and yet allows separation which means the marriage exists only in law but not in reality?
Is the pope sincere that he cares for women when he asks them to vow to become the lawful partner of their husbands for better or for worse meaning they are willing to throw away their lives even if their husband should prove to be wife-beaters for they have the most to suffer, because of society and they are true rock for the children, if a marriage turns sour?
Is the pope sincere when he says how bad divorce is and yet if a Catholic marries a non-baptised person such as a Jew or a Muslim he will grant them a divorce – this is called the Pauline Privilege?
Is the pope sincere when he doesn’t enforce the Bible teaching given by God – Jesus said that the Genesis account of Adam and Eve was true which means he agreed that God ordered that Adam be Eve’s master - that husbands are the heads of their wives or make sure the wedding ceremony stresses that so that all are sure of what marriage is about, the subjection of female to male in the name of love?
Is the pope sincere when he allows communion in the hand though if the whole wafer is the body of Christ bits of it that you can hardly see will be stuck to the hand and lost?
Is the pope sincere when he teaches salvation by faith and good works and sacraments when the Bible he says is authored by God teaches that salvation is by faith alone and not as a result of works (Ephesians 2:8-10) – the Bible says works and not earnings so he knows it is doing more than supporting the Catholic notion that you can’t earn salvation here but it is supporting Protestantism?
Is the pope sincere when he says we must tell people the unpalatable truth about themselves in a gentle way even though that is still insulting them and the only reason they are not offended is because of the way they are conditioned?
Is the pope sincere when he says that his Church is the one true Church for it is united in one faith when most of his own theologians and flock are against him and disagree with one another and are one Church only in name and any time they do agree they disagree on why they believe meaning their faith is not the same at all for it is faith in their reasons?
Is the pope sincere when he says that miracles show the Roman Catholic Church is the only true Church when his Church will not even investigate miracles on the scientific level that contradict Catholic dogma so he is being selective and dishonest with the evidence?
Is it sincere of the pope to say you have an obligation to believe what is in the Bible and tradition and their miracles but not to believe in miracles that have happened since the apostles died for is not that double standards and many of the latest miracles are better verified than anything in the Bible?
Is the pope sincere when he accepts the miracles of the Middle Ages as true though by today’s standards many of them they would have been scientifically debunked?
Is the pope sincere when he says the resurrection of Jesus took place even though the gospels do nothing to prove that the burial of Jesus was not a magic trick thus explaining the empty tomb and that the Devil did the other miracles like the visions of Jesus and would the fact that there are problems with believing the resurrection not suggest that the Devil was involved?
Is the pope sincere when we would have to tell ourselves that the body of Jesus couldn’t have been stolen and the visions of the risen Jesus must have been real to believe in the resurrection which means that we consider the resurrection to be the most reasonable explanation of the data whereas in fact the rule is that a natural explanation must be accepted unless there is absolute proof that the miracle happened which is unobtainable? The whole of Christianity is based on hatred of reason and therefore of the only thing that is best for people.
Is the pope sincere when he says that creation is a miracle of God and then that we should look for rational explanations and find none before we should accept a miracle story? Something cannot come from nothing - no rational explanation is possible if it can or has. So creation implies that rational explanations are worthless. Also God cannot create even if things have come out of nothing. He didn't use material to make stuff for there was no material. Something coming out of nothing would be so impossible to explain rationally that it makes no sense to say that God was behind it - even if he exists. God didn't use any power to make. So to say he makes all out of nothing is absurd. If our existence is a miracle then what is so great about rational explanations? The pope is scheming to get some control over what miracles we take as evidence for what religion is true. He wants us to think that there are miracle that show that the Catholic faith is correct. He wants us to think that miracles occur to verify the Catholic faith and that the miracles reported by faiths that condemn him as a fraud are false.
Is the pope sincere when he knows that Zen Buddhism which has no doctrine but just a technique for achieving an ecstasy that is experientially everlasting though you paradoxically come out of it again and gives meaning to life is wiser than Catholicism which makes people look forward to death to have an eternal bliss that might not even exist?
If the pope is sincere and somebody says an angel revealed four gospels that seem convincing that somebody else is the messiah and not Jesus would the pope forsake Jesus even if these gospels seem more convincing than his four gospels?
Is the pope sincere when he says that using artificial contraception is wrong for fertility is not an illness but a blessing when he lets you change your blonde hair to black though blonde hair should be a natural blessing from God and lets you wear glasses though your eyesight though faulty is not a problem?
Is the pope sincere when he says that sex must always be open to new life in case God wants to send a baby and allows barren couples to have sex?
Is the pope sincere when he allows “natural” birth regulation which can only spoil sex for the partners are afraid of having another baby and when if it is up to God to send a baby as both Jesus and the pope teach then why not trust in God and not worry about natural family planning at all? Natural family planning indicates mistrust in God and if birth control is bad so is it.


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