Even in this age that should know better, the popes are looked up to far too much in society and in the media. If people want to be manipulated by the popes, then it is up to them to change.


Pope Pius IX who proclaimed the dogmas that Mary was conceived without sin and that the pope was infallible and called Vatican 1 in 1870 has been declared Blessed (beatified) in September 2000 by Pope John Paul II. This is the final step to sainthood.

This man had papal prisons into which people were thrown for minor treasons. He revived public hangings in the Papal States which he ruled with a rod of iron. He sanctioned anti-Semitic laws.
He kidnapped a Jewish boy Edgardo Mortara from his parents. This boy was baptised secretly by his midwife and the Church authorities heard about it and took him away because they believed since he belonged to the Church by baptism his Jewish parents had no right to raise him. He would now be raised in the Catholic Church. The pope adopted him and the lad used to play under his robes! This pope who should have been in jail for kidnapping and possibly child molestation is now one day to become St Pius IX. Pius IX was so hated that he was almost thrown into the Tiber after he died. Pope John Paul II beatified him and thereby committed a great crime against humanity. The beatification was even opposed by The Tablet which shows that John Paul is one of the wackiest and most obstinate popes ever. Under John Paul II, the Church has continued in the duplicity that is evident in its approach to the miracles it uses to justify a beatification or canonisation. This duplicity causes it to reveal very little about the miracles it authenticates. The Church even uses its own team to investigate them! This means you have only the Vatican’s word for it that a miracle has taken place. The Vatican is just going to listen to whoever tells it what it wants to hear. Doctors don’t lose their jobs for making mistakes in areas like that which is a further reason for concern that the miracles may be nonsense. And yet these miracles are the excuse the Church takes for making people saints. When a person’s intercession seems to have caused a miracle cure the person could be made a saint if the Vatican likes her or his doctrine and above all is satisfied that he or she was a slave of the papacy.

The tyrannical reign of Pope St Pius X ran from 1903 to 1914.

He issued a compendium of Catholic Doctrine called The Catholic Faith which ordered Catholics not to read any Bibles given to them by Protestants but to hate the books and burn them or give them to the priest. It claimed they were corrupted and had errors. He even went as far as to forbid Catholic Bibles when they are printed without the explanations that make the Bible defend Catholic doctrine (page 4, The Church of Rome and the Word of God).
Deuteronomy 18 says that if a prophet makes no errors when claiming to be speaking for God that prophet should be believed but if he makes just one mistake he should not be believed at all. This implies that every person has to read the Bible and make sure there are no errors in it in order to believe in it with God’s blessing. Even God – being out of character I must say - does not like even the truth to be believed for the wrong reasons. Pius banned Bibles so he is obviously saying that he does.
To me, Deuteronomy 18 presupposes a short Bible. It says we cannot listen to an accurate prophet after he makes one false prediction or contradicts a message from God previously given. If so then how much less can we listen to people who claim they can interpret the word of God for us. We need to have a short Bible to do the studying and examination ourselves. A shorter Bible is easier to distribute, learn and study and check out. The one we have is long and the Torah of which Deuteronomy is a part gives no intimation that any more scripture will come, apart from what the Great Prophet promised in chapter 18 himself will reveal.
Adolf Hitler praised Christianity in Mein Kampf. In Volume 1, Chapter 11 he mentioned the incident in the gospels were Jesus was reported to have attacked the Jews with a whip in the Temple of Jerusalem. He found it inspirational for what he wanted to do to the Jews himself. He spoke of Christianity as an apodictic faith (Volume 2, chapter 5). This means a faith that is absolutely certain to be true. Hitler’s regime was inspired by the vicious commands in the Bible to kill heretics and people who refused to listen to God’s prophets. The Catholic Church is ultimately responsible for all this for it promotes the Bible as the word of God knowing fine well the dangers of taking it seriously. Today , the Church is afraid to be vicious and pretends to be a lamb. It just gives people the sugary side of the faith. But what is to stop somebody paying more attention to the stinging side of the faith, the side that thirsts for blood? The Church was so impressed by Hitler and the Nazis that to this day it supports the kind of teachings that led Hitler to do what he did and which led the Catholics of Germany to collude with him in the destruction of the Jews (page 165, In Defence of Atheism).
The Catholic Church agreed with the rearmament of Germany and said nothing while Hitler embarked on the persecution of the Jews and enforced the boycotting of their businesses (page 182). The Nuremberg laws advocating racism in 1935 got no criticism from the Church either. The Church let the Nazis have its Church and genealogical records knowing the Nazis wanted them to determine who was of Jewish race (page 183, In Defence of Atheism). The Church also helped Nazi criminals escape justice by having them smuggled out of Europe (page 183, In Defence of Atheism).
Pius XII as pope was ultimately responsible for the evils committed by the Church against the Jews during the time the Church had its love relationship with the Nazi regime.
The Pope was infamous for saying nothing to condemn the Nazis NOT EVEN when their regime had been destroyed. He knew of the Holocaust and said nothing. The Catholic hypocrites say the pope had to say nothing for the Vatican could have ended up being invaded by the Nazis. But he could have left Rome. They say their Jesus would say the right thing to do was to speak out no matter what and leave the consequences to God. The Pope had plenty to say about the Communist regimes (page 184, In Defence of Atheism).  Again the hypocrites speak. They say he had to be silent on what Hitler was doing for it would only make things worse and would lead to persecution of the Church by the Nazis.  Is that believable when the Communist regimes were expressly working to vanquish the Church and persecute its members and the Pope spared no words in condemning them?
Pius XII expelled the Communists of the world from the Church in 1949 and said the Jews were pulling Communist strings up to some level. He gave that alleged collusion between Communists and Jews as a reason for the excommunication he pronounced (page 184, (page 183, In Defence of Atheism). No Nazi was ever excommunicated. While Canon Law excommunicated any Catholic who voiced dissent from “infallible” Catholic doctrines such as Mary being conceived without sin, no such excommunication existed for the Nazis who preached racism and the duty to get rid of the Jews by any means possible. Hitler’s Mein Kampf never ended up on the Index of Forbidden Books.
In Defence of Atheism reminds us that Hitler was no atheist because he had a religious text from the Bible put on the belt buckles of the soldiers of the Reich and enforced prayer in schools.
St Augustine, no doubt the Pope had prayed to him at some time, campaigned to defend torture and slavery and capital punishment as a Catholic theologian.

Pope John Paul II has beatified John XXIII who reigned from 1958 to 1963. In 1962, John XXIII issued a decree that excommunicated any Catholic who did not keep an agreement with the Church to keep absolutely silent on priests who were using the confessional for sexual favours. He wanted child-abuse covered up. The document Crimen Sollicitationis which contained these evil rules never forbade the abuse or give directions about stopping it. Anyway how could it for it was up to the civil law to do that and it didn’t want it involved? If they didn’t want to cover up, then why such a harsh penalty such as excommunication?
Excommunication means one is at a hugely increased risk of going to suffer in hell forever if one dies for without the sacraments the soul is in trouble. The children were blackmailed by the threat of excommunication to keep quiet. To blackmail a child making a complaint about a priest misusing the confessional to seduce them is the lowest act possible. The secrecy and threats made sure that children would have to be silent and just live with the abuse.

The decree was found in 2003 by Texan lawyer Daniel Shea who handed the document bearing the papal seal over to the authorities in the USA for a federal investigation. The document was sent to all the bishops in the world and was top-secret. It shows just how vile the bishops were and are. No decent human being would have kept that secret. John XXIII fooled so many people with his conniving charm that the media sadly did not attack him with the ferocity they should have. His body has been found amazingly well preserved in the Vatican and has been displayed. The Vatican downplayed the suspicion that it was a miracle and gave a natural explanation.

John Paul II otherwise known as John Paul the Great will no doubt be made a saint especially if Pope Benedict XVI has his way. But John Paul ignoring the fact that the Bible God and Jesus were very liberal regarding capital punishment in times when many trials were fit-ups. has proved himself a heretic by claiming that it is rarely if ever right. He is a heretic for it's all over his Bible and the traditions of the popes who wanted heretics put to death. John Paul II scandalised many orthodox Catholics by initiating many outrageous ecumenical gestures, one seeing a statue of Buddha placed on an altar in Assisi basilica (page 20, Christian Order) despite the strict Bible teaching that God gave against idolatry and good relations with pagan religions.

Bizarrely Pope Callistus 217-22 AD and the rival pope Hippolytus 217-235 AD are regarded as saints! St Hippolytus however was no doubt an anti-pope leading a false and schismatic Catholic Church. The big majority of popes for the first five hundred years were saints.  This is odd for the list doesn’t have as many saints afterwards! See the list in Pope Fiction, a book the details of which are at the bottom of the page.  
German Joseph Ratzinger became Pope Benedict XVI in April 2005.
He was a member of Hitler Youth in Nazi Germany.
He says he had no choice.
He always claimed to be very holy. He teaches that you can be heroically holy only if you want to be. So he had a choice. He should have chosen death or imprisonment rather than join Hitler Youth. If he was that confident in God, he would have had refused to join. He canonised people who embraced big trouble because they trusted in God.
The rabid anti-Semitism of the Roman Catholic Church at the time certainly makes one doubt that he joined Hitler Youth kicking and screaming.
And he could have got across the border and out of Germany. 

For the record, it is not true that he had no choice.  Hitler Youth did not absolutely force.  He would have had disadvantages but he was not going to jail for going to be killed. tells us that Hitler Youth kept followers busy and they often had no time to go to Church and it was a paramilitary organisation.  Ratzinger was willing to risk harming Jews and getting brainwashed rather than do the right thing.  He clearly would have been involved in learning to use weapons and helping others to do so.
It is no good work for the Catholic Church to proclaim holy men such as these to be good men. It is a disgrace and the crimes of the popes should be abhorred far and wide.


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