Church teaching says that your parents decide your membership in the Church for you at baptism as a baby but you can terminate that membership when you mature.
If the Church is a load of hocus pocus then it follows that it only imagines it has the right to have you as a member or to declare you a member - you making yourself a member is a different thing.
The notion espoused by some that your DNA makes you a member of your family thus baptism gives you spiritual DNA making you a member of the Church is absurd. Your DNA makes you share something with your parents and brothers and sisters etc. But a family has to be built independent of that. DNA does not make a family - love does. The Church itself would reject the notion of spiritual DNA as the soul is immaterial - that is it is not made of matter. If baptism really puts a seal on you, the seal indicates, "Obligated to be a member and provisionally a member until he makes up his own mind." Whether you really become a member is up to you.
The DNA argument shows more concern for making it appear that Catholics share DNA in the soul than for the doctrine that God if good, would change our DNA in order to put more good influences in us. It shows no concern for what people believe.
The suggestion that it is about making the genes of every Catholic soul related to the other Catholic souls smacks of racism because Catholics claim to form the only holy and one and apostolic and divinely created Church. It's like, "God has given me this DNA and so it is a gift and you don't have the gift as you are not baptised so you are not as special as I am at least in so far as I have the right DNA".

Jesus supposedly claimed that unless you are baptised you are outside the kingdom of God.  As the Church intends baptism to erase original sin and the power of evil it follows that if you ensure only a particular race is baptised that race can declare itself superior to other races. A doctrine that could be used to implement racism is evil. It is an insult to those who work against racism. It is racism by implication. Racism in any for is intolerable.


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