It is surprising when religion when able does not persecute atheists

"Not their love of humanity, but the impotence of their love prevents the Christians of today from burning us", Friedrich Nietzsche.
Religion is feared by many in the world for it has a history of persecuting those who disagree with it. Religious people notoriously persecuted converts to another religion or unwed mums.

Even religions strongly supportive of religious liberty, have argued that atheist activists and public atheists should be forcibly silenced or imprisoned or destroyed if necessary.

Many have argued that the Atheist should be executed like murderers or punished like thieves for his doctrines tend to make murderers and thieves of people (page 128, Fifty Years in the Church of Rome). This assumes that no society and therefore no law is possible unless God is believed in.
The argument that Atheists should be punished implies that it is not what is true that is important but what is believed in. How? Because even if there were bad consequences from disbelief in God that does not mean there is a God. So if it is true that we need belief in God then it follows that hiding the evidence against God and silencing Atheists and believers who ask awkward questions is critical. That would hardly be conducive to intellectual honesty!
Christianity tries to make morality and Christian faith inseparable. The Christians say that morality is a person so to really understand morality you must believe in God. And not just any God. It must be the Christian version. This is a God who is three persons in one living force who is the reason why there is something rather than nothing. Islam has a different God and thinks that you cannot understand morality properly if at all without believing what Islam believes.
The doctrine that morality has no basis except in God is sectarian doctrine in that it accuses atheists and people of many other religions of having no real justification for being moral. The believers in the doctrine may say that they do not accuse them of having no morals and of necessarily being dangerous. They do accuse them of being capable of acting morally without having any justification. That is not acting moral. If you help a baby while intending to act and not to help for you are not sure if helping the baby is right that is not morality. I think the reason we are told that atheists can be moral but have no justification for morality is that believers are afraid of breaching hate speech laws. What they are saying is not logical and it is hypocritical. It is about lulling atheists into a false sense of security.
You can believe that 2 and 2 are 10 and still act as if 2 and 2 are 4. What you are doing is accommodation yourself to the mainstream. You look as if you are being mathematical in the real sense of the word but you are not. Thus you cannot be moral unless you believe that you are being moral and that morality is authentic and makes sense.
Surely a person who does good but who has no justification for doing so is worse than the person who does have justification but who does bad? Which one will do the most harm in the long run? At least the bad person knows what good is and that is where real good must start. Good that is done without a basis could turn evil just in the blink of an eye. It is no good and no recipe for happiness or security in society.
If people really believe that morality and God go together, that could be dangerous if they lose their faith and have the power to wage war.
The annihilation of Atheist nations by Christian countries would be necessary for their influence would spread. No correspondence between Christians and people living there would be permitted. It would be a crime to move to an Atheist nation. It is obvious that when people promote belief in God and pay money to the Church and pass the “faith” on to their children they are saying that unbelief in God is bad for you emotionally and therefore morally. It must be bad in the extreme when it manages to be bad even for a happy go lucky child!
Atheism must be seriously bad and damaging for if it were slight it would not be worth worrying about for we all encourage one another to be imperfect though good enough. This is as poisonous as homophobia. This time it is us, Atheists, who are being picked on.


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