Written during the reign of John Paul II
The pope claims that Jesus founded one true Church and put one man in office to lead the Church. The first leader was the apostle Peter and the pope is his successor and the rock the Church is built on. The pope cannot err when he teaches infallibly and obedience in matters of faith, morals and Church administration is due to him. He is the Vicar of Christ, the earthly head of the Church who takes Christ’s place.
Eastern Orthodoxy preserves the original Catholic doctrine that all bishops are the successors of Peter. Jesus never actually said there would necessarily have to be only one rock at a time. Peter was the first Church leader so he was the rock but it did not mean the rock couldn't expand. Peter was the rock alone until new rocks or leaders came along such as Paul. Paul actually sounds more like the rock the Church was built on than Peter. The pope knows of the Orthodox interpretation and ignores it.
The New Testament never says that God meant for Peter to have a successor and it warns that as soon as the apostles go false Christian teachers will come along. If the early Church accepted a pope as soon as Peter was dead that does not make the Church right. Roman Catholics say that the Church would not have been allowed by God to fall into such an error. Why not? It was only a minor error after all for the pope did not become something big and infallible until centuries later and free will when abused is supposed to block what God wants for us. Peter could have been the rock the Church was built on for he was the first proper Christian and Jesus needed a convert to help him convert the rest. Perhaps all true Christians are the rock and Peter was just the first person to become this rock. This fits in better with Jesus’ insistence on equality and egalitarianism for he said there must be no Lords but only servants in his following.
Theologian popes - John Paul II and Benedict XVI were theologians - are the biggest cons of the lot. Like top Mormons and top Jehovah's Witnesses, it is easily suspected or seen that they know fine well their religion is false.
Benedict XVI only started talking about zero tolerance for child abusing clerics after the scandals broke. He virtually ran the Church under John Paul II and he never asked him to do much about it. John Paul II's record on handling clerical sex abuse was appalling and callous. Benedict XVI winces and grimaces when he hears about clerical abuse. He is as fake as his dentures.
Many believe that by every test, simple and hard, the pope is a fraud and fully aware of it.

Catholics must read these questions and decide for themselves.
1. Is the pope sincere when he says that he does what he does for God? It is because he judges that God did miracles and spoke in Christ and because he feels its true. It is really his judgement, what he wants to see, and NOT GOD he is serving. It is extreme pride and arrogance of him for he knows, as we all do, that when I say I know you I mean I have opinions of you that are my work and may not even be right? To love God is impossible. What is loved is what one decides to believe about him and feel. It’s all selfish.
2. Is the pope sincere when his law excommunicates people who deny the immaculate conception of the Virgin Mary and not those who say homosexuality or killing people of different religions is right? Is doctrine more important than morality? Immoral religions like to control people’s thinking more than their actions. After all, would it be helpful for the Church to have saints running dioceses who would do the decent thing and unleash the archives relating to clerical sex abuse to the media?
3. Is the pope sincere when the so-called first pope was told by the Son of God that he was the rock the Church would be built on which need not mean he had to be leader or head of the Church and yet this rock stuff is the only excuse the papacy can rely on, being the word of Christ? Rock can mean main support and adviser not leader or pope.
4. If the pope is sincere then why does he not admit that if Jesus made Peter the rock he would build the church on that he might not have meant Peter to have a successor but that on Peter’s death it could have been that the office of the rock was given to the bishops as a whole?
5. Is the pope sincere when he won’t bring the world’s experts together to ascertain the truth about whether or not he really is or should be the head of the Church by divine authority coming from Jesus Christ a claim that all honest and competent experts doubt?
6. Is the pope sincere and honest when he won’t admit he would step down and pay back all the money taken from the people if a historical theological investigation showed that the papacy was founded on an error and was never meant to lead the Church?
7. Is it kind of the pope to promote his authority for which there is no evidence and his own role as Peter’s successor when that something is an extra excuse for people to fight about and whole countries used to be laid waste over this idea due to religious conflict?
8. Is it kind of the pope to claim that the bishop of Rome which he is, is the head of the Church for the first head was Peter the first bishop of Rome when there is no evidence that Peter was bishop of Rome but just hearsay and Clement of Rome, an alleged pope, who may have started the legend about Peter dying in Rome through lack of clarity in his writing does not actually say that he died there and certainly never indicates that he was any kind of bishop?
9. Is it sincere of the pope to claim to head the Church of the apostles when there is no evidence that the twelve apostles accepted Paul as a true apostle and his Church accepts Paul and that they may just have tolerated him as an eccentric who was better than nothing and wouldn’t anybody who was serious about following the apostles check Paul out?
10. Is the pope sincere when he says that God and Jesus come first and that we must love the Lord with all our hearts though he cannot provide great proof that he really was appointed head of the Church by God and shouldn’t that be as verifiable as the resurrection?
11. Is the pope sincere when he condemns and forbids heretical books by Catholics and says nothing about orthodox books that twist scriptures and facts and twists and takes them out of context to bolster up the credibility of the Roman Catholic Church?
12. Is the pope sincere when he allows people to use the truth in a deceiving way to avert a great evil though if his God allows lies and has such mysterious ways then how can we be sure that God is being straight with us and trust either Catholicism or God?
13. Is the pope sincere when he says that doubt is a sin against faith (question 177, A Catechism of Christian Doctrine, CTS, London) and that we should only read orthodox Catholic material so that we don’t doubt which forbids us to see if it is wrong for we all know that faiths that have something to hide are unsure of themselves and afraid of the truth?
14. Is the pope sincere when he says that the highest goodness is doing good with no reward except the thought that it is the will of God and then says God rewards in Heaven which would mean you are getting rewards that are not rewards at all but insults for they mean nothing to you but doing what God wants and receiving nothing does?
15. Is the pope sincere when he says unbaptised babies are deprived of the sight and presence of God but are made happy naturally even though when God being goodness itself and the supreme good would mean that not being with him is the worst punishment possible? What kind of man would look at a baby and think it is unfit for Heaven for it's not baptised? Even a child molester could have a better attitude towards a child than that! Baptism makes us children of God according to the pope. That is in effect saying that we are God’s bastards until we are baptised. Recognise hatred when you see it.
16. Is the pope sincere when he considers it right to make babies members of his Church bound to obey him which isn’t right for there are many different religions so the child should have the religion that suits her or him best rather than being conditioned in his or her impressionable state?
17. Is it sincere of the pope to want infants in his church when he is the spiritual teacher of a faith that commands that we pretend that others are better than us (Philippians 2:3), that we see ourselves the way God sees us which is totally negative (Romans 3; Mark 10:18) and then to say that he really cares about what is best for people?
18. If the pope is sincere why does he say that God is perfect and then that God is influenced by the saints praying for us for a perfect God always does what is best whether asked to or not and cannot be influenced? – if the saints influence God then they are gods not saints and often better natured and wiser than him!
19. Is the pope sincere when he says asking God for a favour is not asking for something but that we become worthy of the favour even if he won’t grant it for prayer does not change God which still amounts to making God do something? If prayer does nothing to change God then what do we pray to saints to influence him for?
20. If the pope is sincere then why does he say that grace, a word meaning free gift, is the love of God which he freely gives us, is not our right but is a gift? He says that we need grace to make us live holy lives for it empowers us when the truth is you do deserve to be helped to live a better life and this is not grace. Grace is about trying to run people down.
21. Is the pope sincere when his god limits most grace to the seven sacraments meaning he can’t love those who don’t have the sacraments or are delayed from attending them very much?
22. Is it sincere of the pope to condemn Calvinist Christianity as inhuman for saying that God works to keep some people from being saved when his God does nothing to make the damned in Hell able to convert? If you can condone Hell you can condone anything for it is the worst possible thing. You wouldn’t think of condoning anything like child molestation so why this? Is sexually molesting a child worse than sending the child to Hell for sin forever? It must be the sexual element that is so horrific then. Hell says more about the believer than about God. And more so when we know from our own experience, our psychologists and psychiatrists that no matter how evil a person is that evil is only a small part of them - their deeds are a mixture and nobody could reject God entirely to rot in Hell. The pope knows this and still he warns about Hell betraying his delight in believing people can go there!
23. Is it sincere of the pope to condemn Calvinist Christianity as inhuman for saying God would be right if he never tried to save anybody for nobody deserves it when his own idea that grace which saves is a free gift that God is under no obligation to give us says the same thing?
24. If the pope is sincere then how can he say that God made Mary stay free from sin by keeping her from original sin and that sin is not God’s fault though he lets us be born in original sin?


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