Regarding the Vatican banning attendance at meetings that say the Medjugorje visions are real, Nov, 2013

Has the Virgin Mary, under the title of Our Lady, Queen of Peace been appearing in Medjugorje in the former Yugoslavia since 1981? Six young people have reported these visions and have been subjected to tests.

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, November 1996

Regarding the circulation of texts of alleged private revelations, the Congregation states:

The Interpretation given by some individuals to a Decision approved by Paul VI on 14 October 1966 and promulgated on 15 November of that year, in virtue of which writings and messages resulting from alleged revelations could be freely circulated in the Church, is absolutely groundless. This decision actually referred to the "abolition of the Index of Forbidden Books" and determined that --- after the relevant censures were lifted --- the moral obligation still remained of not circulating or reading those writings which endanger faith and morals. It should be recalled however that with regard to the circulation of texts of alleged private revelations, canon 623 #1 of the current Code remains in force: "the Pastors of the Church have the … right to demand that writings to be published by the Christian faithful which touch upon faith or morals be submitted to their judgment".

Alleged supernatural revelations and writings concerning them are submitted in first instance to the judgment of the diocesan Bishop, and, in particular cases, to the judgment of the Episcopal Conference and the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

The mere fact that the apparition encourages messages to be given out without being checked by legitimate authority proves that Medjugorje is not from God. As for the possibility of the apparitions being demonic, we must remember that if so, there is a human element too. It is possible to imagine demons trying to work for bad fruits and failing for they are not in complete control. Nobody should be listened to who does not deal with the conflict between the 1996 decree and the apparitions first.

The good fruits of Medjugorje do not come not from the apparitions directly. It is not like people attend apparitions and come away changed. The same fruits would emerge in any place that had the same good facilities and sense of community spirit.

Plus the good fruits argument as given by Christ may only apply to those who claim to be giving binding public revelation from God - eg scripture writers and prophets.
Vicka ... Her Story: The Most Informative Interview Ever Given by Vicka, The Eldest of the Six Visionaries of Medjugorje is an interesting read. Vicka is asked about her power to be in two or more places at the one time. People are reporting apparitions of Vicka. She said she heard of those reports and prayed about them but couldn't be sure they were true. She said that the Virgin gave no indication either pro or con for artificial birth control. A picture of Vicka having an apparition in the author, O Leary's, house is in the book. I am not going to comment on any of this but am just putting it forward.

If Medjugorje produces the fruit of humility why do all devotees say that there are no doctrinal or theological errors in the messages - it would take you years to study them all for there are so many - and they blame the translation if somebody points out any. I wouldn't mind theologians saying there are no errors but what makes all these devotees experts? Humility would demand that you say you think there are no errors but are open to persuasion for you are not a theologian.

In Response to The Universe December 2013 which heralded the CDF in the Vatican doing something about Medjugorje and was met with the suggestion that Medjugorje has good fruits and so it must be from God

Speaking of the good fruits of Medjugorje, why is there no mention of Tomislav Vlasic (who was the spiritual director of the Medjugorje visionaries and who got much praise from the Gospa) and the fruits he manifested? He is now promoting heretical apparitions and a heretical form of Catholicism in defiance of the Vatican. Is it really right to boast about fruits when the one person who should have manifested the best fruits failed to do so? Good fruits only mean you must give the apparition claims serious consideration but it does not follow that they are evidence the claims are true and that the apparitions are from God. Mormonism has good fruits too and it contradicts the apparitions of Medjugorje. The fruits argument is being used to make Medjugorje critics feel bad and to silence them and that is unfair. It is a bad fruit itself when all pro-Medjugorje people promote it!



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