Catholics endorse devotion to Christ's precious blood that was supposedly shed for them on the cross and which is now pictured in the Eucharist.

A prayer goes, "Body of Christ save me.  Blood of Christ refresh me.  Water from the side of Christ wash me clean."

A core Old Testament doctrine from God is that the life of the flesh is in the blood.

That was why a sacrificial system was created.  The idea was that sin was so bad it deserved death and your blood to be shed so you use an animal in your place.  The sacred altar was a place of gore.

The New Testament says that these sacrifices only had value in so far as they showed the blood of Christ saves.

All that was worked out from a vague statement in the Old Testament! 

The Laws of Moses never mention that one day a saviour will come and save people by giving his blood for their sins.

The text that your blood is your life and the blood is the life clearly means blood blood. There is nothing here about the idea that you can have something that is physically exactly the same as say wine but is actually blood. Christians say wine becomes the blood of Jesus literally and remains seeming to be wine and it is not.

Worship of the communion wafer and the wine is worship of dead matter and is idolatry. That is plain.  But it gets sillier.

The main thing about Jesus in communion is that he is alive. So we are to believe the communion wafer and wine are alive!!! This redefines life not just physical things. We need to get beyond thinking that this is about saying a thing is something else. It is also about saying that life is not life. It turns life into a word without meaning.

Imagine this.

Jesus dies.  He is just like any other corpse.

But just like the wine is not wine the corpse is not a corpse.  He is in fact alive.  Even when there is nothing but the bones he remains alive.

The corpse is alive though it is dead, is it?  No it is not dead.  Maybe we should call this corpse a body.

The Eucharist becomes this body.

This totally redefines life. 

Jesus did not need to come physically alive to be alive.  His physical life is only a technicality.  This decaying corpse is as much alive as it would be if he were eating, breathing and walking around etc.

Remind the Church of all that if it starts rejecting the philosophy of those who say they are it, and use its, it, itself pronouns.


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