Today the practice of pre-nuptial agreements, people deciding their financial arrangements in preparation for the marriage breaking up, is growing. They do not think it will break up but that might and they want to be ready. Because couples feel the marriage might not last, they want to avoid the bitter wrangling over money and property that ensues when a marriage falls apart. Hence the need for having an agreement made before the marriage that makes the decision about the fate of money and property should the marriage end. This way everybody is clear on who is getting what and it saves much bitterness and stress.
Prenuptials are often sought in farming communities for there is a fear that a farmer can marry and his new wife can walk away with half the farm.
Ireland is an example of a country where the distribution of property after a marriage split is not necessarily 50/50. It is obvious though that if marriage is two equal partners that 50/50 is not an option but a requirement! With the furore about same sex marriage law redefining marriage, people forget that heterosexual marriage is redefined and watered down anyway.
Pre-nuptial agreements are against the nature of marriage. Marriage requires vows to be taken for life so there should be no uncertainty and no taking precautions. The vows are totally strong and certain, “I take you as my lawful wedded husband for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, for better or for worse until death us do part”. It is hypocrisy on the part of the Church that it doesn’t invalidate marriages following pre-nuptial agreements or forbid pre-nuptial agreements.
Commonsense however sees the logic in pre-nuptial agreements. They save a lot of bother. People can’t be expected to be happy in a marriage forever. Time changes and people change. The battle over who should take what whenever a marriage ends can make such a bad mess that it spills over into the children’s lives and haunts all forever. Logically then marriage is a bad idea for it implies that these agreements are wrong!


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