As a response to Jesus saying that we must always be prepared and imitating how this must have been said to very sick people who were dying and thus terrorised on their deathbeds the Church upsets the dying today and their loves ones. The sacrament of the anointing of the sick which supposedly removes sin and heals the soul is a potential abuse of every vulnerable person.

 The Church says its main vocation is salvation. The Church claims to be the tool used by Jesus in Heaven to administer the salvation he won to the world. What is salvation from? The answer is eternity in Hell. The Church would say that a system that saves lifelong sinners from Hell on their deathbeds is better than one that helps people live good lives. And what could you expect it to say? A person going to Hell forever is worse than a person living a bad life and then going to Heaven after being forgiven at death.

The Church insists on maximum preparation for death.

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England & Wales produced a document called A practical guide to the spiritual care of the dying person.

Quote  “It is never acceptable to withdraw treatment for the purpose of hastening death. However, how one spends one’s time on earth is more important than the length of one’s life."  This bigoted comment can be assumed to be saying that it is more important to live a Catholic life than a good long life!

Thankfully we see, “Healthcare workers do not have a duty to keep people alive at all costs. As death approaches a treatment which may briefly prolong life could impose suffering such that the patient considers the treatment to be excessively burdensome.”

But there is a warning about pain management.  Overtreatment or inappropriate treatment can render people unconscious or semi-conscious when this is not necessary for effective symptom relief. This could deprive people of the opportunity to make a good death, setting things right as much as they can, making peace, saying their goodbyes. It will rarely be the case that pain cannot be controlled without deep sedation. Nevertheless, it may be that there is a compromise to be made between comfort and lucidity and different people will want to compromise at different levels. Some people will prefer less comfort for more lucidity.”

Archbishop Terrence Prendergast of Ottawa in 2016 was clear that a Catholic priest cannot anoint a person who is dying anyway but who opts for assisted suicide. That is moral terrorism again and nobody cares what this does to the families.

 “Those who are about to undergo an operation which may cause danger of death cannot receive Extreme Unction before the operation, unless their condition is so serious that there is already danger of death” (page 103, Life in Christ, Part III). It is hard to believe that God would create a sacrament for the sick to prepare them for death and nobody else.

This vile teaching is caused by the sacrament of the anointing of the sick.  It worries about people being too drugged to know they want it and to get ready for it.  It makes people worry about it and suffer so that they can commune with God.


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