QUOTE: I believed that all our arguments are finally based on assumptions—notions to which we are fundamentally committed. In short, they are pretheoretical. But our conscious or even unconscious commitment to them need not be blind. And when we discover we have made these commitments, we need not be constantly in doubt, as if it were the power of our will to believe that gives us confidence that our commitments are well placed. In fact, if we work at it, we can discover what our pretheoretical commitments are, and we can determine whether they are likely to be sound. One way is to argue to a best explanation.

COMMENT: Reason if it is based on presuppositions seems to weaken reason. It seems to fail to give it the foundation it wants. In fact reason is so good that if anything deserves presuppositions that back it up then it does. It is a far stronger affirmation of reason than reason proving reason to be the right method (if it could) would be!


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