The Catholic faith engineered the 8th Amendment in the Irish Constitution which sought to ban abortion by declaring mother and unborn baby as having the same right to life.  Oddly enough the Amendment protects unborn babies from abortion but does not care if a baby is tortured by some sadist in the womb. This is a clear example of how the Church is about virtue signalling and fake compassion. And saying mother and unborn baby have an equal right to life is bizarre when the foetus has only been conceived say nine weeks ago! Debating can be a tactic for getting people to take seriously views that are unfit for consideration such as that! It is a no-brainer that the law has no right to ever make any abortion illegal as it is not a public order matter. Even if abortion is immoral that does not mean it must be made illegal.

Religion, especially Christianity, says that without the right to life no other right matters or exists. But what about animals? Theologians and philosophers say animals do not have a right to life but they do have a right to be free from suffering. Contradictions galore! If animals have no right to life then it must be morally neutral or even good to torment them. If unborn babies have no right to life then the Church should urge those who believe this to torment them if they wish to.  For religion to say that "Without the right to life no other right matters or exists" applies only to humans is advocating the killing of animals as murder. If you think you murder by killing an animal it will be the lamb today and the toddler tomorrow.


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