Roman Catholicism, in common with some other faiths, teaches that abortion is never justified. It also excommunicates anyone who has an abortion.  The teaching is clear: abortion at any stage is murder for life begins at conception.

As abortion at a very early stage does not feel as scary as it does at a later stage it follows that early abortion is the biggest sin because it is so much easier and if people know of women who have had early abortion it will not seem bad or intolerable and thus they will be okay with it eventually.

Whoever accuses a woman who has an early abortion for whatever reason of murder is not pro-life for it is a kind of murder to call somebody a murderer.  The easiest murders are done in the guise of self-defence.  Such killers will be incorrigible.

It is usual for religion to teach that it is correct to kill one person if it is absolutely necessary to save more. Even pacifists have to subscribe to this though they will tell you they do not believe it.

Anyway, Catholics and most Protestants claim that it is right to kill some to save more. And even if the law of the land does not approve for God's law comes first.

Amazingly, this rule is dropped when it comes to abortionists. The Church will savagely condemn anyone who shoots abortionists to prevent the so-called murder of hundreds of unborn children. This is because approbation will hand it into hot water with the law. It will lie about the law of God and about morality to protect itself. It would rather be an accessory to the mass-murder of what it sees as innocent persons and the most reprehensible form of murder than be in jail. This is the same religion that instructs people to be ready to go to jail for the sake of its Jesus. People are not allowed to condemn their faith to get out of being victims of persecution. This is the religion that claims to be true to a man who was crucified for his beliefs. It is spitting on the cross metaphorically speaking. It is loathing the man it calls the Son of God and who said that whatever we do to the least of his brethren we do to him.

One wonders what kind of mentality the Church has. She is definitely making sure that the babies are treated as nothing and then she has the nerve to proclaim that she really believes in their pricelessness.

The Church's teaching seems inconsistent to Catholics considering shooting abortionists dead.

They feel they are killing to save lives.

They believe that even if killing is heinous it is not in this case because the abortionists have murdered and deserve to be killed. What the victim deserves makes a difference to the wickedness of the crime. They think that they are merely dispensing justice.

Those who are against the killings have different views outlined as follows:

Some say that the killings are wrong not in themselves but because they will engender sympathy for the abortionists.

Some add that the killings will set back the pro-life cause.

Some theologians say that even when you are fighting to save your life or that of other persons that your intention must not be to kill but to stop harm being done and if the other person is killed that is not a sin or your fault. They say then that killing abortionists is a sin for one intends to kill. They don't mean what they say because intending to kill people is acceptable if it is the only way to stop them killing and it's about sacrificing a few to save many.

Also, they say that as God sets up the state to mete out justice, nobody has the right to take the law into their own hands and that the only way abortion is to be fought is by converting people to the belief that it is a wrong that must be stopped and by using legal sanction. But that implies that the killing need not be sinful in itself. What is sinful is the lawbreaking not the killing. Also, Christianity has always advocated breaking the law for grave reasons if the law is unjust and illegitimate.

The Church says that abortion is murder but not the same kind of murder as somebody going out killing people. So it says that you can shoot the abortionist but the mother could still get rid of her baby. You can shoot the person who is killing people and stop the crimes. It seems to be suggesting that shooting abortionists is not very effective and so isn't justified. But if there were enough shooters it would be reasonably effective in saving the lives of babies.

The Church annuls what it says by admitting that babies starting off in life should be given priority over people that have lived to adulthood and beyond. This implies that two adults should give their lives for one baby.

You can’t defend the Church by saying that it may think that killing the doctors will not stop abortion. It would if enough of them were killed. And it would put many doctors off becoming abortion doctors. People agree that they would shoot the Nazi killers dead to save some lives even if it meant shooting only one at a time. These people might say that the excuse that there is no point in shooting them for somebody else will do the killing for them is nothing more than an excuse. The Church says life is supremely precious which would mean it was worth it to shoot an abortion doctor so that many abortions would be put off for at least a few days over it which would grab the babies more time and prolong their lives a bit and maybe some mothers would even decide to keep the babies.

The Church refers to the example of Christ who didn't use violent means to protect himself though it was justified. This is hardly a reason not to be violent. And the teaching that it was justified implies that you can use violence to stop abortion if you choose.

The Church say that violent opposition to abortion is not going too far but not going far enough. It means that instead of trying to take the lives of abortionists we should be willing to give up our lives to save the unborn. Are they suggesting that you should suicide bomb abortion clinics as long as you are sure nobody else will die? We don't see any other case of where someone might have to sacrifice his or her life to save babies.

If the Church wants a stop to doctors being shot dead the Church should agree with abortion.

To teach the extreme pro-life view that life begins at conception is undeniably an incitement to murder and hate abortion doctors. Even if pro-life people are against abortion they still would agree with the notion that a person should be murdered if you know it will stop him killing others.

If the Church really believed that unborn babies were human beings she would decree that women who terminated their pregnancies should be tried and imprisoned for murder. She does not. If abortion is murder then it is the worst type of murder there is. It is a woman killing her own child in a brutal fashion to save herself a few months bother and refusing to get it adopted out at the end of these few months. It is more evil to commit a murder when you won’t have to pay for it for that is dodging your due as well. Church, if you really believe abortion is murder then campaign for prison sentences for women who abort. Don’t pretend you believe they are any different from women who give birth and then murder the child. You are trying to butter people up by pretending this very thing to get influence over them and money off them. Campaign for it will never work. We will stand by women who have abortions as we should. We will not let you hurt women with your cruel attitude to them but thankfully you don’t have the nerve to put into practice.

The Catholic Church teaches that it is a grave sin for a Christian not to have their baby baptised. It says the loving of God is the greatest commandment. Thus the Church should be not so much pro-life but pro-baptism. It should be against abortion for it stops babies being baptised. That should be its paramount concern.

The pope and Mother Teresa have claimed that abortion leads to a downslide in reverence for life and so it leads to war and other terrible things by the attitude it instils. What about the Christian insistence that it is not people who matter but God and that God alone is to be loved? It will lead to less reverence for life and any believer who loves to preserve life is doing it in spite of their faith. If abortion seems to do what they say then it is not abortion that does it - unless it is a very late and needless abortion - but their doctrine that abortion is murder all the time. People who say abortion is murder and don’t advocate the imprisonment of abortionists or their assassination are hardly a good example for the reverence of life. They are like, “Let us pretend to oppose abortion because we love to see life protected and nurtured. It is only the troublemaking we are into, we don’t take the life thing that seriously.”  

People who would not allow safe abortion even if the statistics for women having backstreet abortions and risking their lives were sky high are not as pro-life as they pretend to be.


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