The horrible violence commanded by God in the Old Testament makes many hope that its Law was done away.  Jesus far from being put off affirmed the Law as sacred and used it in his worship.

The Old Testament predicts that the Law will never be done away.
The Bible does not support the idea that Jesus hated murder and the murderous laws of the Old Testament.

Daniel 7:25 condemns alteration of the law of Moses by a future anti-god monarch which is taken to refer to the antichrist who is yet to come.

After the absorption of Judaism into the Messiah’s cult, the world will be asked to kill anyone who contradicts his word (Zechariah 12:10-13:3). The Law of Moses commanded the same thing so this implies that the morals of the Law will still be binding. The end of Judaism is indeed possible for it is just a small religion. We should be worried if the prediction will come to pass because it will have to be before Judaism dies.

So, the prophets foreknew that the Christ will someday lead his servants in murdering apostates and carrying out the capital laws of God to precision. If you Christians believe in the Bible you must be ready to build a religious machine that will destroy all who disagree with your religion. You have to have it set up for Jesus threatened to come back any moment.

In the Book of Malachi, God says that the people must remember to keep the Law that he gave Moses on Horeb and then that he would send Elijah before the end of the world to turn the hearts of the children to the fathers and the hearts of the fathers to the children (3). This is evidently a way of saying that Elijah would turn the children back to the ways of the fathers who kept the Law. Jesus said that Elijah represented John the Baptist so if he did then neither Jesus or John altered or abrogated the Law.

God promised that he would bring the children of Israel back to their land and make saints of them if they love him right in Deuteronomy 30. It stresses that they must obey the Law God set before them that day and that time. Verse 8 asks that all the commandments they got in Moses’ day be observed. The Bible says that Israel will be scattered for being disobedient and will be restored in their land if they are good. Incidentally, teachings such that as this accuse many Jews of being totally sinful when they are not all back in their land. They breed anti-Semitism. The promise applies also to modern Jews who obey God. They will be back in their land and be safe forever if they obey the Mosiac Law of God. The promise in Deuteronomy 30 is conditional on their obedience to the law. It is not conditional on the Law being abolished. The thought is very very far from it.

Obadiah recites an oracle that has not been fulfilled yet for it predicts the destruction of the nations apart from a righteous portion of Israel. It is taken as a prophecy of a violent Messiah or one who finds that a war is necessary.  For Christians it refers to Jesus.  It is no wonder we have the symbol of warlike retribution the iron sceptre in the Book of Revelation. That is what Jesus will carry according to Revelation 12:2-5. The way it promises that a part of Israel will be saved and the Temple Mount, Zion, will be dedicated to him implies that the people of the Law will get his special attention because of the Law for God wants to be served. Why else would Israel have been singled out? The Temple represented and expressed and was run by the Law so when the Temple is going to be restored the Law is going to be restored.


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