How Christians ignore the Roman Catholic Miracles

The Protestants, like the Catholics, say that if you don’t believe people who testified to miracles you shouldn’t believe in any human testimony. They say that if you reject the testimony of miracles you are committing a great sin and are opposing the message of God. Yet the Protestants reject Roman Catholic miracle testimonies. Or they just pay no heed to them which amounts to rejection. If it is foolish to heed miracle testimonies, then the older the testimonies the worse it is. The Protestants accept the Bible testimonies of miracles as inspired by God and to be believed. The best miracle testimonies of today get no attention from them.
Believers just investigate and believe the miracles they want to believe in and ignore the rest. That attitude is insulting and dishonest and sectarian. Notice how Evangelical Christians say the resurrection of Jesus is a very well attested historical event while they ignore the apparitions of the Virgin Mary which seem more convincing. They pore over the unconvincing Bible records that Jesus rose. There are many miracles which have better evidence than four short books of unknown authorship with loads of gaps and twelve witnesses whose alleged deaths by martyrdom we can know nothing about for sure. And just because apparitions of Mary are based on Catholicism and contained within Catholicism the evangelicals won't even look at them.
The miracles of the Bible are alleged by evangelicals to be the best verified and they boast about their investigative scientific approach. But these miracles are supposed to bolster the Christian teaching that the resurrection of Jesus was the supreme and therefore the best verified miracle ever which is not true. 
So that is the Protestant Evangelical dishonesty exposed. That faith rejects the Roman Catholic miracles - non-Biblical miracles - in the sense that it does not regard them as credible or as important as the scripture ones. Strangely the Roman Catholic Church agrees. The only difference is that the Protestants insist that such wonders should not be believed in while the Catholics permit such belief. Both Catholics and Protestants hold that belief in the Bible miracles is obligatory.


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