The Roman Catholic Church has been bankrupted in many parts of the world due to its failure to protect children from its predatory priests and bishops. When complaints were made, the culprit was moved to another area to continue the abuse. The Church also created decrees and vows of secrecy to help facilitate the protection of these men. The laity were complicit in the crimes of the Church. The evil done by the priests to children was an open secret.

Even when the Church dealt with this it meant abuse in a rather narrow way.  In 2022, Pope Francis said that priests and even nuns were ruining their souls with pornography.  A large percentage of that would naturally be child porn or some form of abuse of a young person.  He tellingly did not admit that most porn involves actors of age who manage to appear to be 13 or 14 or younger.  Filters are used too to take a few years off.  So what are priests and nuns looking at?  What dangers arise for the youth they have access to?  Should your child of 7 be going to confession to priests who are full of filthy fantasies?

Many paedophiles are not active. They get something out of being in the mere presence of children. This percentage would be alarmingly high. That is why criteria for safeguarding needs revising and toughening up. It is concerning how many males are too keen on children’s company and their “care”.  It is a red flag if men offer religious ceremonies they know do nothing for the soul and the emphasis is on preparing children for them.  The silence on these paedophiles is telling.  They are active in their own way for they keep their abuse and their sick thrills more or less hidden.  Children quite often find priests and religious disturbing and creepy but don't know why.  They should know and if the parents were not treating them as conscripts they would know.

Some bishops have virtually condoned sexual abuse of children.  New York bishop, Robert Cunningham, denied a child of 7 or over could be raped.  "At 7-years-old, children know what they're doing, so it isn't rape".
Pope John XXIII gave the bishops secret orders in the 1960's in Crimen Sollicitationis to cover up child sexual abuse.
The Catholic Church calls itself one and holy and Catholic and apostolic. The boast that it is holy insults religions that did less or no harm or even piles of good to children. Paedophiles do not become priests but priests become paedophiles. A paedophile who wanted to have sex with children would be more likely to become a teacher or a father than a priest for it gives them better access to children. There is something about the Catholic faith that causes priests to become paedophiles. It certainly encourages priests who develop paedophile inclinations to actualise them and practice. The culture of secrecy about such matters that protects the abusing priest and demonises the victim makes the temptation too great for them.
The popes of course are at the top and ultimately responsible for making an environment conducive to clerical child abuse. People like to pretend the popes mean well. But until a pope fights for church property to be sold to feed the poor and lives like a poor man and binds up the wounds of the wounded that assumption is unwarranted. It is Catholics merely being too bigoted to see the truth.

Normally less than 10% of child sex abuse victims get justice and even then the justice is too often more of a show than anything else.  Clerical sex abusers get away with it far more for they fall into a different category and engage in a different methodology from your average town paedophile.

Church law is no help. 

Can. 489 §1. In the diocesan curia there is also to be a secret archive, or at least in the common archive there is to be a safe or cabinet, completely closed and locked, which cannot be removed; in it documents to be kept secret are to be protected most securely.

§2. Each year documents of criminal cases in matters of morals, in which the accused parties have died or ten years have elapsed from the condemnatory sentence, are to be destroyed. A brief summary of what occurred along with the text of the definitive sentence is to be retained.

Can. 490 §1. Only the bishop is to have the key to the secret archive.

Christian morality is a pile of show and hot air. The paedophile gets a loophole with, "I thought God helped me be in control" and "It's not much of a sin if an urge came over me. It may not be a sin at all in fact."  And, "I may be to blame for not looking for help but what I did to the child is not my fault for I didn't know what the urge would make me do if it came on me.  I am not a fortune-teller."  Forgiveness from God is so immature and different from real forgiveness.  Forgiveness between people is a painful process and takes time.  God's mercy is too easy.  It is really just a way of using God to forgive yourself - or more accurately, to condone the evil you have done.  God is a way of not taking your evil seriously.  Not surprisingly, these fundamental core Christian teachings of mercy and forgiveness have consequences.  Priests rape children and their "innocent" colleagues look the other way.

A paedophile may see themselves as born that way and thus that they have a sexuality that is a gift from God.  That would explain why a high number like using religious symbols and objects in the sexual abuse.

Catholicism has shocked the world with priests molesting children on altars, putting religious objects such as crucifixes into the vaginas of female children, telling the children God is pleased that they let the priest touch them, praying during child sex abuse and so on.  There were cases in Ireland where little girls put on their first communion dresses to be raped by the priest.  Religiously inspired paedophilia happens and we will never know the full extent.  And how can we when it has a special way of making the victims feel evil and satanic if they tell and it seems to horrific to confide to anyone?  This form of abuse has something to do with how Catholicism functions as a religion.  It is not done to insult the religion but is seen as making the abuse holy.  Catholicism is a placebo for the black heart and that may have something to do with how it is seen as making evil good. The power is shown by how the paedophiles prayed a lot even in secret and "holy" people protected them and lied for them and basically covered up their behaviour to let it go on. Catholicism also revelled in the self-torment and self-abuse engaged in by child saints such as Jacinta Marto and Maria Goretti.  It glamorised the suffering of little children.  The abuse of Jesus during circumcision is commemorated by the Church with a feast day.  That sadism is a placebo as well.


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