The Roman Church claims that there is a place called Purgatory where you have to go after death if you are not ready for the presence of God.

You go to Purgatory if you die carrying the guilt of venial sin. Venial sin is serious sin that doesn’t deserve the eternal torment of Hell. An example would be saying a prayer carelessly. Mortal sin is worse sin. It is serious sin that does deserve Hell. An example of it would be murder or adultery or spitting out the communion wafer.
You go to Purgatory if you die without any sin but if you owe God a debt of temporary (temporal) punishment for your sins.

You cannot help yourself in Purgatory. You have to suffer enough before God will let you out.
The suffering purifies.
The living can pray for you and commit sacrifices for you and have masses offered for you. This lessens the suffering you owe God.

The living can get a plenary indulgence for you that gets you out of Purgatory altogether.
If you are in Purgatory, you cannot and do not sin any more. You are saved and destined for Heaven but only after Purgatory is done. The Church says that being saved means you cannot lose salvation but this only applies to people who have died.
Nobody is meant for going to Purgatory. We are to blame if we go there.

The Church encourages you to address the saints as if they can see and hear you and are in the room with you.  The Church says many people go to Purgatory for they are not fit to enter God's presence yet.  And it calls them the holy souls and says you can pray to them too!  If saint worship is not necromancy that certainly is!!  The Church likes to say that those who are with God are through God in close contact with Catholics on earth for God is everywhere.  But it cannot use that argument with praying to the holy souls.  The holy souls cannot help themselves by praying for themselves so how can they help us?  Christians hold that souls in Hell cannot pray for themselves or help themselves so you would understandably think that praying to the souls is just a cover for praying to those who have become demons in Hell.

The Catholic Church advises praying for the Holy Souls in Purgatory to get them out of there. They can't help themselves so if we pray to God he reduces their sentence. He does this for he likes being prayed to. He rewards us for the praying by doing what we want. Strange "reward" for it is getting the souls out of Purgatory or closer to release. The Church says that the souls do good works and suffer in Purgatory. Purgatory is a purifying punishment. The only kind of purifying punishment is when people suffer and sacrifice a lot to do good as punishment for their sin. The only kind of good the spirits in Purgatory can do is communicate with people to give them guidance and comfort them psychically. Purgatory is a necromantic doctrine.


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