There is a very grave contradiction between the Catholic teaching that saints pray and offer their personal merits to God for the living and the concept of Purgatory.
Roman Catholicism says that the souls of the dead who are suffering in Purgatory to get purified before going to Heaven need our prayers to get out. They go there at death.  God accepts the prayers and works of the living which are offered for the release of the holy souls like they were fines paid in their place. 

Roman Catholicism invokes the intercession of the saints in Heaven. If the saints pray to help others and their prayers are any good they would pray for the souls in Purgatory to win their release. If they do that then though Purgatory exists there is nobody in it for the saints are better prayers than we are. If few people go to Heaven there would be enough of prayers which might explain why there are people held captive in Purgatory. In that case the problem would be how God could make a Purgatory when nobody could go to it.
If the saints do not pray for the dead then they are uncaring. The saints must not want them to come into the glory of Heaven for if they did then even that would be a prayer. If God ignores the prayers of the saints then he isn’t a nice God. Would it be fair of him to hear the saints when they pray for the souls in Purgatory? It is no answer to say that God can do as he pleases with his favours for he owes nobody anything for this is callous nonsense. He gives favours out of love so if he withholds favours then he is refusing to love and is really an evil God. If morality exists then he is doing what is best – it is generosity.
The doctrine of St Alphonsus that the souls in Purgatory cannot pray for themselves (page 18, The Great Means Salvation and of Perfection) would imply that the saints do not pray for the Holy Souls for they do not pray to the saints. But the living implore the saints to pray for them and the saints should help without being asked. The Holy Souls deserve more help than the living do.
The Church says that the saint who has done the most for God is the most powerful. So, God reveals the saint by answering his or her prayers. The holier the life the greater the reward. Time is relative and God can alter its rate speed just like science can. He could let the unworthiest saint say enough prayers to purify Purgatory in what is five minutes to us. He won’t so he hates the souls in Purgatory.
Maybe, he wants us to work to get them out so that we will grow in grace through doing good works? But there are other ways for us to achieve that. Surely it would be immoral of him to hurt the souls for something unnecessary?
Roman Catholicism has to get paid for masses for the dead. And these masses invoke the intercession of the saints! What a swindle! The doctrine of Purgatory and the Catholic concept of the communion of saints in which all parts of the Church help one another are only reconcilable when they undermine the goodness of God.
For the saints to believe that God could remove your free will to sin and still bring you to himself without it means that they had no right to say that God is right to let us suffer here on earth. Their God was the Devil and insincere. If God existed we would have been born in a Purgatory or in a state like Purgatory in which we get closer to him but without the possibility of sinning. Roman Catholicism does not truly reverence the being it calls God.
Purgatory is an invention of the Catholic Church. It is not in the Bible and the Church lies to pretend that it is. The doctrine is so incredible that it is irrational to bother trying to defend it. The way the Church presents the doctrine is totally illogical. The doctrine makes no sense and is vindictive. How could anybody think that it is right that some loved one should suffer in the afterlife while unable to help herself? What kind of God does he worship?
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