Someone who is too arrogant and who plays God with nature is said to have a God-complex.  But these behaviours are not the God-complex but the symptom.  Thinking you can create a God and a relationship out of him when he is just a collection of your prejudices and subjective notions is showing you have a God-complex.  You cannot dodge this by saying the God is another person and it is not about you.

Most people sense that gods and God-worship say more about the worshippers than anything about the divine.

The men of God cannot ask you to worship them for it lays too high of a burden on them to be perfect. So they say they are the humble servants of God. They invent a God so that you can employ them and grant them authority over you thinking you are doing it for God not them. When you serve the God invented by men it is those men who benefit not God. You adore their creation and worship them by proxy. They are better than any God for they invent God.

People serve corrupt religions and say, “I give this religion money and worship at its rites and I do it for God not the kind of people that run it.” They might mean this or they might be just making an excuse. If God asked these leaders to preach his gospel and to preserve it and gave them guidance then God is putting huge trust in them. It is their word you have that they speak for God not his word. Whether a religion is from God or man you will still be trusting man. If it is from God that is down to luck. You are depending on luck. A God who gives you his word through a man is asking you to trust that man alone. There is no greater trust than that put in man when man says he speaks for the only ultimately important being and gives his sacred truths.

Even if there is a God, you judge him worthy of worship. You worship your perception of God. Two people with contradictory of ideas of God can both be convinced that they are right. So idolatry is inevitable. People declare the God they have in their heads to be the one thing that matters. Selfless service of a God in your head is really selfishness that you manage to feel good about for it so easily passes for sacrifice. Both the peaceful believer and the murderous religious fanatic are guilty of expecting people to suffer and die and give all their love to a collective of ideas. Both are cruel only the cruelty is more obvious in the case of the violent believer. Nobody considers it virtuous to enable or encourage somebody in loving a being who does not exist except in their heads.

It is no answer to say that God gives us revelation through prophets and Bibles. If your version of God is your version, then saying you have a revelation makes matters worse. Why? Because you are trying to suck others in.  They deserve better.

Because you assess that this God passes your tests.  They are your standards. So if they fall for your God they fall for you for as your invention he is a mere extension of you.

To say men give you God’s message is to say that God trusted them to give it. It is about trust in the men.  It is also about God trusting you for if he did not know that people like you would respond he would just go and do something else like make quirky universes just for jolly.  Who do you think you are?

Religion plays the following trick. "Just because I don't think I am God and don't think I can command the universe I am humble." But control is control. You can think you are God of your mini-universe, the room you never leave with all the things you want. If you were the creator that might be all you would make. So you don't have to aspire to run all creation or make an unimaginably big universe to self-deify and be riddled with pride. Everybody controls something and takes pride in it. Pride is pride. Our hypocrisy does not like obvious pride so that is how we get away with it.

If atheists treat themselves as Gods that does not compare at all to what religionists are doing.  It is much much worse.


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