Question All Things

We all experience conditioning. This is when we think we are behind our acceptance of our ideas and feelings and behaviours but have in fact been programmed. To heal this conditioning and to be ourselves we must open our minds. Be open-minded and your creative freedom will envelope you and radiate into all the corners of your life. Do not write off any suggestion, especially one that you make to yourself, as foolish or silly. Do not call it foolish or silly. Simply choose to think about it. That will increase your sense of freedom. It is affirming to yourself that you are worthy of an amazing existence.

Question all things. Truth is not afraid of questions. If you have doubts, find an answer, but doubt, even deliberate doubt is not wrong or bad. Without doubting you cannot see the truth for what it is. Doubt is always an act of sincerity. You cannot insincerely doubt anything. Beware of the attitude that you mustn't have your doubts. That attitude seeks to stop you seeing if you are wrong.

It is easy to be fearful and therefore unhappy if you expect too much of other people. And fear is contagious. When your expectations of other people are too high, you find that you judge them a lot.

Praise normality and praise those who break the mold. It is true that normal is a dangerous word for it has connotations of usual. If a woman likes to dress in black like a widow she is considered strange. If a man likes to wear eyeliner all the time he is considered strange. But if the woman were conditioned by an Islamic culture to dress in black she would be considered strange if she didn’t wear black. And if the man were a rock star the eyeliner would be considered normal. To call people strange is to insult them. They are not strange. What is strange is that you think society’s prejudices are something sacred and give you the right to make fun of or insult or condemn difference. Celebrate difference – see how interesting it is.
It may be dangerous to doubt that the doctor is treating you properly. But it is not wilfully dangerous. If you have doubts they are not your fault unless you neglect to do anything to resolve them.
Don't fear your power to doubt for you can be confident in yourself that you can find truth.


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