Despite the fact that Jesus used only males as preachers and exorcists and the intimate circle was made up of twelve men opposition to females as clergy is sexist. Also, the Jews could have ordained women for the Saturday service was quite simple.  If they thought women should not preach they could have got the scholars to write the sermons for them.  There was nothing in Jewish scripture about rules for ministers.  They were really just religious educators like the mother at home.  Jesus did not advise that women be appointed despite being a Jewish minister himself.

Organised religion is not just religion.  It is a business. It is a political engager.  So in secular terms it is discrimination.

Many Christian Churches continue to cling steadfastly to the old-fashioned notion that women are not for ordination as deacons, priests and bishops. This is what the Roman Catholic Church does and many Protestant Churches that don’t believe in priests are hostile to ordaining women ministers.
Some women argue that they have a right to be ordained. This is bad theology for ordination is a grace and grace is undeserved, something to which we have no right. The Church insists that nobody at all has a right to be ordained for all the blessings received from God are undeserved and it is the blood of Jesus that takes away sin and makes you clean. If you are forgiven by God, it is not because you deserve it. So nothing from God comes as a right so the Church argues from that that women cannot complain if Jesus does not want them as priests. Everything comes from the generosity of God. So though the Church refuses to admit it, God is more generous to men then than women! The Church may say he gives other blessings to women in its place that make up for it. But no two people are blessed alike. One woman may be a very good person and have a mediocre and unlucky life while a nasty lady can have a better life. Life has let the good woman down but God may have blessings he would like to give her but other things get in the way. But nothing can stop him from giving the grace of the sacrament of order so there is no excuse. To say God does not ordain women because women have no right to be ordained is the exact same as saying that God has no right to ordain a woman though she would make a great priest meaning he has no right to have this great priest. Plus even if you sin and you cannot get rid of the sin except a blood sacrifice like Jesus dies for your sin to earn you the possibility that God will restore your good relationship with him it is not your fault that you could not get rid of the sin so you would have the right to blessings from God. You would have the right to be ordained if you have the basic qualities that are required. Bad theology as always then makes good commonsense. Not ordaining women implies that women have no rights. No matter how bad you have been in the past, to say you have no right to a grace that will help you make others and yourself live holy lives is wholly contradictory. Everybody has a right to be helped to become a better person and the sacraments of the Catholic Church deny that by pretending to be free gifts from God that are not and cannot be earned.
When ordained, despite all the Church says, there is no denying that a man ceases to be equal in value to other people but becomes a superior being. When that is seen, it becomes totally clear that to deny the priesthood to women is to deny that women are equal to men. It even denies that men who are not ordained are as valuable as men who are. 
The Church will say that priests are treated with greater respect than ordinary people but they are not better than they are. Don’t be taken in by this. They are trying to prevent you from seeing the snobbery of clericalism and priestcraft. It is a mistake to imagine that saying all people are considered equal makes this clericalism all right. It is how people are treated that really matters. There is no point in saying people are equal if some are going to be treated like they were gods. People who are treated as gods have no problem saying that all are equal for it makes no difference to them. They wouldn’t mind if people believed that people who were richer than them or smarter were better as human beings than they were as long as they got keeping their golden egg. So bragging about recognising the equality of all people achieves nothing. 
We live in a world that treats people better the higher their position in society. That is the way things are. But God has no need to limit the power to change bread and wine into Jesus and to forgive sins to priests. Why does God restrict this power to validly ordained priests? The Church might reply that the reason for the limitation is to protect unity and solidarity with the papacy and the bishops. In other words, having officials with authority is better for the power of the Church. If that is the reason, then why didn't God make a rule that the congregation can turn the bread and wine into Christ along with the priest instead of the priest doing it for them? That would serve the alleged purpose better! 
Laypeople should be able to absolve sins under certain conditions. The absurd limitation of this power to the priest definitely makes the priest out to be a god or a human being that God regards as more valuable than a layman. In this light, women must be the inferior sex when ordination even just to absolve is not an option for them. In this light, it is better for twenty good men to be put to death when it is the only way to avoid the death of a priest for the priest is more valuable. It is the priest’s duty to consent to such things. Another thing is this. When laymen cannot forgive sins which is the most important job there is and since the priest can it follows that where priests are scarce it is better for a whole village to give its life for the life of the priest. That women cannot have this prestige is a further indication that they are not human beings but semi-humans.
Is it rational to say that women can’t be priests because their bodies aren’t male?
That is like saying that people will a different skin colour from yours shouldn’t be allowed to be secretaries. That is not a reason. There is no reason why women cannot serve as priests. If they can do the job then why not?
It is blasphemous to suggest that God wills women to stay out of the priesthood because they are women and then to criticise anyone who says that a man should not wash clothes for that is a woman’s role. It is not right to impose roles on people that they might not have. If women can do the job of being priests then it is sexism to use the role excuse to say they cannot be ordained. The Church says would be discrimination to forbid women priests if God allowed them but he does not. This is a sexist suggestion for what is to stop people from thinking that women have no role or vocation from God to be teachers? It is illegal to say women should not be teachers so it should be the same to say that they cannot be priests. It is sexist to say that God determines what woman can or cannot do and not her nature. I repeat, a woman’s nature can enable her to serve as a priest therefore God is discriminating against her and so is the Church by suggesting otherwise.
It is blasphemous to reason that it is sinful to make a woman a priest. That reasoning is accusing God of condemning as wrong what cannot be wrong. Not everybody that is made a priest is called to be a priest though they think they are so you cannot say it is a sin for women are not called for that is an insufficient reason because it cannot be proved.
If there is a reason then it must be that women must have weak minds and are dopey which disqualifies them. This is nonsense too.

It is selfish if a religion is of man and men have the honour of being clergy and not women.


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