Sin is an offence against God in thought, word, deed or omission. The Church teaches that all wrongdoing of any kind is God’s business. He decides what is wrong and he is boss. You must be motivated by the wish to obey God when you do good otherwise it only looks good but is really sinful.

In the Roman Catholic Church you will be instructed that there are two kinds of sin: mortal sin and venial sin.

Mortal sin is sin that cuts you away from God’s friendship leaving you his enemy. Christianity asserts that its just punishment is everlasting punishment. An example is drunkenness or adultery (1 Corinthians 6:9,10). Grace is God’s power that works inside you to make you pleasing to him. Mortal sin kills it why is why it is called mortal. It kills the soul’s relationship with God and also kills you by making you deserve death for the Bible says the wages of sin is death and that because of sin all die. So sinning mortally is not just a bad thing to do but it is also murderous. It is an attempt to kill yourself out of spite towards God. The Catholic Church teaches that only good works done when you are not separated from God by mortal sin gain merit and reward from God. If you are living in sin and give all your money to the poor it will do nothing for you. The Church says that was what Paul meant when he said that no matter what good he would do even dying for God, it would amount to nothing if he didn’t have charity (1 Corinthians 13). By charity the Church says he meant a mortal sin free love for God and neighbour.

Venial sin is sin that does not terminate the fellowship. Venial is just a weakening of your friendship with God and is not as bad as mortal.

The Church claims that all sins are grave for they offend such a good God but that all sins are not mortal. Incidentally, the Koran asserts that only certain kinds of sin, the allegedly graver sins, put you in Hell (Sura 53:32).

To commit a mortal sin you have to have full knowledge of what you are doing and its seriousness and to do it freely.

If God exists then wrongdoing is worse than it would be if he did not. If there is no God I only hurt myself and others when I do wrong. But if I believe that God exists my wrong is made worse for I am offending him too. I am telling him I don't respect him and wish to degrade him.  I mean to be worse than I would be if I didn’t believe in God. The Church claims to be the true Church and if it is it makes tons of extra sins or compounds the guilt. If I believe in the Church I will have loads of extra things to do wrong than I would have if I didn’t believe at all. So it is wrong to believe in either God or sin which is offending him.

Religion makes you worse when you do wrong for it adds sin into the situation. It degrades you. This is evil for I should come first when my own existence is the only thing I am most sure of. I should only have beliefs that don’t accuse me of evil unnecessarily and exaggerate my evil. And original sin, the sin I allegedly carried from my conception because of Adam is a far bigger insult to me for though I am most sure of my existence I am told that I have to carry that sin though it is not my fault. The doctrine implies that I should not put myself first when God allowed that sin to stain me and demean me.

The doctrine that venial sin exists contradicts the existence of God. If God exists he is infinite love. Therefore to insult infinite love even slightly is offending what is infinitely good and though the malice is finite in quantity it is infinite in intent. For example, when you sin, you prefer sin to God so you are rejecting a relationship with an infinitely perfect being. You would do the same if your malice could do him infinite harm.

Sin does harm God in the sense that it is against goodness and against his will. To be against goodness is to be against the way things should be. And if there should be a God you are against that. To will evil to exist is to try to open a Pandora’s box. So all sin then is mortal.

A mortal sin rejects what is good and replaces it with artificial good. The mortal sinner cares about what they think or want to be good not what IS good. So their relationships and good works are all expressions of this attitude and are actually evil and abhorrent in the sight of God. To reject God is to reject others too though the sinner will not act as if he does that. So the sinner only wants others for their own pleasure no matter what they do for them for as long as they dosn’t love good as it really is they cannot truly value them. The sinner is a phoney. The Catholic Church by inventing sins and condemning things that should not be condemned is only destroying love. It is making people like this by making them think they are sinners.  The one who does what they think is wrong still sins even if they are wrong for they still have malice and pride in their heart.

If you have attachment to sin that will taint your goodness.  If you wanted your goodness to be pure you would cast the sin out first.  You would repent.  And doing good when you stand by sin is a sin for when you do good it is harder to take your sin seriously any more.  The good looks like it alone matters not the sin.  So unrepented sin pollutes all your good.  This means that even a small sin is only small when it starts off.  It turns into arsenic if nursed over time and that makes you end up with piles upon piles of demerits.


The Christian consensus which denies that the only good work a sinner can do is repent is sheer deceit. We all know it is deceit for we don’t praise the good works of a son who helps his mother but who just wants her money.


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