Religion tries to attract people away from the idea that all there is is unfeeling blind nature.  People are misled to like the notion of something standing above nature that guides it and which can change it just like that.  One example is how Jesus died and supposedly came alive in three days.  The term supernatural refers to what is stronger than the natural. 

If some power can raise Jesus that does not mean in itself that it is really stronger than nature.  If there were a struggle between two forces and the magical won that would not justify belief in the supernatural.  It is different from nature but not stronger.

Religion cannot be happy that Jesus supposedly came back when it uses the data to argue for something bigger than nature.  That is what it really cares about.  This feeds on the childish desire for something making problems vamoose when they get too much.  The real world is not like that.  It is a harmful wish and it leads to contagion.

It is no minor matter how nobody at all in the religious world will posit an alternative to nature as in level playing field but it has to be little nature against big supernatural power.  This by no standard is fair or honest.

Now there might, in theory, be evidence that the supernatural has happened but there might also be evidence that the supernatural covers itself up by pretending to be natural.  We know that the Bernadette of Lourdes data suggests that what she saw was not Jesus' mother.  The entity was reluctant to identify herself, was the wrong race and asked Bernadette to dirty herself in dangerous filth.  If you assume the Lourdes miracle cures are real - the entity never promised those by the way - then you may hold that this shows that despite the evidence saying otherwise, Mary did appear to her.  For some reason, a force outside nature tried to obscure that.

You can argue that Mary did appear at Knock Ireland in 1879 and managed to get the witnesses confused so that they testified to unmoving statue like images having appeared rather than her personally being there.

If this is some force outside nature, and especially if it is supernatural, then no miracle claim is any good in terms of showing if a faith is placed in something sensible or truthful.

Nobody looks for the evidence of concealment for they don't want to.  This is about ideology, lying about miracles and their import to bolster your religion and its claims.  You want to think that God does magic to show the world that your faith is correct.


Those who say we must admit that the supernatural is at least possible say we must then look to see if there is evidence that it may have happened. This seems to be open-minded. It avoids ignoring indications of the supernatural. It avoids just dismissing the supernatural on ideological grounds. The rule is that all conclusions must rest on the evidence available to us. Now the supernatural implies something bigger than nature as we know it. But you can imagine a power that is equal to nature. Why does it have to be bigger? Why do we assume nature is bringing cancer to Jonah and only something bigger than it can fix this?  The reasons are telling.


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