'My body my choice' simply means my body and my life are complicated and only I know what is best for me. I know that mistakes about what is best are my concern only.

And mistakes can turn out to have been the best after all. We don't protect people from all risks. A baby in the womb cannot make a choice so it comes down to what the pregnant person needs or wants.

The law bans me killing myself with harmful drugs. Is that against 'my body my choice'? Yes but only legally which is not the same subject. It does not stop me choosing. It means I get legal consequences.

'My body my choice' means nothing unless you affirm 'my psychology my choice'. In a sense that is what it is all about. It's why imposing membership of religion on a child is disgraceful.

'My psychology my choice' demands that society be a safe space where choices like abortion etc are affirmed.

Opposition to self-rule is based on arguments that you owe society something.  So it is not all about you.  Yet all members of society need self-rule to varying degrees.  You may be a charity volunteer but you need your self-rule, your me time, say in a spa or on a beach alone.  Abortion is not a public order matter so the state must permit self-rule here.  Let there be no abortion law at all as in Canada.  Just let it be.


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