Evil gods will make the good do harm to degrade themselves.  The Bible God commands the people on pain of retribution to participate in stoning people to death.

Evil gods will have animals put cruelly to death.

Evil gods come up with things like stoning "sinners" such as mediums, fortune-tellers, adulteresses etc to death to punish them.

Evil gods will ask those who are not doing those things to agree with others being commanded to do it, to honour scriptures that bless their behaviour.  Now it is because of people like that, that those who acted on the commands were able to do so and did so.  So they are as rotten.  The perpetrators act on the evil commands but they also make the breeding ground just as much as the bystanders do.  So all are water poisoners though some are firing the stones.  The bystander creates the perpetrator and the perpetrator is making other perpetrators.

That the Law of Moses has God decreeing that if an animal gores somebody fatally that it must be stoned to death is very very strange. Why is it tortured to death? Why does God not ask for it to be either spared say if a trespasser wandered into its field? Why is it not just put to sleep as humanely as possible? The human gets the same penalty for killing somebody. If the person is to be slain for being the image of God and desecrating it then the same must be true of the animal. Pagans would relate to a God like that. Animals picture and image him just as people do. Or is it the case that even if you are the image of God you can become an animal by doing evil and so should be treated the same? You cease to be the image in any real sense. The cruel death is so needless that it is clearly an example of backdoor blood sacrifice.

Think of it this way.  Gory animal sacrifice was commanded in horrific detail.  Why all the attention?  Why does chapter after chapter gives the rules for it when only a few lines talk about respect for neighbour?  So it is no surprise that an animal that gores somebody gets stoned to death.

Incredibly the Church pretends that Israelite priests in those days sprinkling the altar of God with animal blood were looking forward to Christ who saved us by his bloody death on the cross.  If God had ordered that sinners be nailed to trees it would have done it better.  The picture is too much of a stretch. 

That aside the doctrine of the saving blood of Jesus is based on pure evil, pure religious sickness.  The Church is underhandedly revelling in and celebrating the brutal killing of animals.


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