To manipulate Muslims to warm up to Catholicism, Catholics twist the Qur'an to try and find affirmations of the Catholic Mary in it.  It is a ploy to start the conversion conversation going.

The reference to Mary needing care from Zechariah and his becoming her guardian implies that her husband died when she was pregnant in Surah 3:37.  The gospel Mary has her husband with her when she gives birth.

Mary in 66:12 is called the daughter of Imran. Imran we are told is the father of Moses and Aaron too. Qur'an 19:28. Interestingly the husband is named as Imran not Joseph as in the Bible. Surah 3:35.

Qur'an 5:75 says that Messiah son of Mary was but a messenger like the others that went before him. It says his mother was a supporter of truth. Then, “They both used to eat food”. The reason such a random thing is in there is because it is a colloquial way of saying they ate like the rest of us for they are ordinary. They deserve no religious honour than anybody else does.

The Qur'an does not accept the Christian view that there was an anointed one or king or Messiah.  Messiah is a name in the Qur'an not a title – it is like how Jimmy King is not a king. This Mary is not the mother of the Christ.

It says this must be said, “Who then can complain against Allah if he willed to destroy Messiah son of Mary? And even his mother and all on earth?” Read The Table verse 17 or Sura 5:17.  Again, this lady is not the mother of Christ.  And Allah has the right to kill her and her son.  We should celebrate him if he does.  This is to emphasise that devotion to them is wrong.


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