Abortion in the case of Rape

Society is increasingly feeling that abortion should only be allowed if there has been rape among other strict conditions.  However abortion for that reason amounts to abortion on demand for you cannot get the rape verified so it amounts to the woman saying she was raped and having to take her word for it.  This point seems to underlie the, "Trust Women", way of thinking.


The "It's my body my choice" perhaps for most women who say it refers only to their right not to carry a rapists baby.

Women may be told, “Your uterus is yours yes but it is not for you. It is for the baby. So you cannot say it is your body and the unborn child can be disposed of.” This presupposes that there is purpose there. The uterus is “for” baby-making. But the fact remains that if we are the product of chance and evolution then the uterus is fit for baby-making but that is not what it is for. We have to decide what it is for so pro-choice is the right way go to. It is the woman’s right to choose. The woman is more than just a uterus so any argument to the contrary degrades the woman.


The Christians like to forbid abortion in case of rape. They always accompany that ban with the assertion, "Few women that are raped get pregnant."
That is really like saying, "I am not confident that abortion should be forbidden in cases of rape so I comfort myself with the thought that if I am wrong to be against it I am not doing much harm for only a few need abortion over rape."
The bottom line for the believers is that it is not the baby's fault how it originated and so its life should not be taken.
The disadvantage of such a position is that some women will reason, "Abortion is murder. So it makes no difference if I have the abortion earlier or later if I choose to." That only leaves them risking further trauma by having a later abortion. Abortion is better the earlier it is conducted.  Many think abortion at a later stage is murder and will have to blame religion for such murders.
Liberals argue that if an opinion or religion or doctrine endorses violence or murder then it should not be respected or tolerated. The religionist then cannot be sincerely anti-abortion if he or she tolerates any person or religion that permits abortion. Her/his anger towards people or religions who encourage or permit abortion must know no bounds.


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