Most Catholics would agree that if a rat eats the communion wafer it gets the body and blood of Jesus.  That people would think a faith teaches that and support it and pass that on to their children is worrying.  The 2023 movie, The Nun 2, shows the audacity and absurdity in the person who would say a priest, or indeed anybody, can turn bread and wine into the body and blood of Jesus.  Casks of wine are converted into his blood by a nun and then they burst and burn a demon up and send it back to Hell.  The Church knows fine well it cannot do the miracle of transformation for it would mean implying that all the bread and wine in a city can be turned into communion.

Do you like Catholicism as much when it would class you insane if you believed your dead cat is now your keyring but without any of the physical components having changed? Kettles and pots. Some Mormons have argued that Joseph Smith might have forged what looked like golden plates and transubstantiated them into real ones that carried the word of God as in the Book of Mormon.

Plus that Catholic transubstantiation doctrine has too many miracles. There is the miracle of bread turning into his body and blood - bread a liquid? There is the miracle of wine turning into his body and blood - wine a body? There is the miracle of how they don't change as regards our experience. And that is not to mention how God gets Jesus to fit. Even the taste of the bread does not change. Then there is the reverse-transubstantiation of how they have to turn back into ordinary things in the bowel. As the food will be digested at different rates this will be a piecemeal transformation back into whatever makes up digested bread and wine. And the miracle is that they are either the old bread and wine back again in digested form or God makes them into digested new bread and wine. Another miracle is how it makes sense to feed on Jesus for a few minutes and how physically eating and drinking affects your soul! Another miracle is how grace is seen as a substance for a soul to feed on. The sacrament gives that kind of grace. Grace in the Bible just means relationship with God. In reality it is like saying mathematics is a substance. Anybody saying that is just inventing something and calling it mathematics. It is absurd. This miracle transformation of grace into what it cannot be is the biggest miracle of all for grace is vital according to the Christian faith. Grace is metaphorically spiritual food - but it is not food in any sense any more than a parent bonding with her baby is food. The mass is blasphemous for it turns grace into magic. It is pure occultism and counterfeit spiritual food.

In chapter 23 of his book, Fifty Years in the Church of Rome, Ex-Fr Charles Chiniquy related the story of how a rat made away with the body of Christ after it was created by a blind priest in Beauport. Chiniquy told the priest that if he were God he would have struck the rat dead instead of letting it eat the god of Rome. This argument is unacceptable to a believer in God like Chiniquy for God has seemingly strange purposes. Yet he claimed that God put this argument in his heart to show him the madness of belief in transubstantiation. God can work out his plans without letting rats steal Jesus for their dinner because he is all-powerful. He could make us holy by letting us experience Heaven for a brief and miraculous moment so that we would endure any pain or loss rather than sin so that we might have him again. Once the notion of divine purpose is abandoned then it is seen that rats eating the host proves that it is bread and not the body of Jesus Christ.
If the rat is making back to the sewer with Jesus inside and a toddler is crossing the road and you can stop the rat or save the toddler you have to stop the rat instead for you cannot have the saviour taken down to the sewers. He is more important than the life of a child for he said that God comes first.


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