Rationalisation are when excuses pretend to be reasons

Rationalisation may be defined as self-deception by reasoning.  Rationalisation is a hypocritical way of reasoning and is meant to be taken as reasoning.

Reason shows that a religious person can do harm deliberately in the name of the religion.  The rationaliser come along and argues that he is not a religious person.  Rationalising is making excuses.  You expose the rationaliser by asking, a paedophile can abuse a child sexually but maybe the paedophile that does that is not a real paedophile and real paedophiles are celibate?  The rationaliser would use sacred texts in an irrational way.  For example a command from God to kill unbelievers is taking as meaning do not kill them but kill unbelief in yourself.  Soon the interpretation bears no relationship to what the words say.

Rationalisation is best seen as a way of admitting that something is rubbish or lacks believability.

The rationaliser has no right to:

Ask us to believe he is being reasonable

Ask us to believe he is rationalising with good intentions

Ask us to believe he is not lying intentionally

Ask us to believe that it's rationalising or lying for it could be a mixture of both.


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