Does God really help Addiction?

God by definition is an infinitely good and infinitely attractive personal entity. God and the concept of God should produce an addiction to God. To promote the concept is to try and make people addicted to God. If people are addicted to one thing they can stop this addiction only by finding another one. For example, alcoholics may find God and become religious extremists. Or it could go the other way. A God-addict can give it up as long as a new addiction such as alcohol or drugs is found.
AA says that if you are addicted to alcohol, you have to see that you are powerless over it and that only a higher power such as God can help you.
Think about that carefully.
People have been powerless over an addiction. But the human system can suddenly start making the power to get through it. And you can feel you are powerless and be wrong. And every day brings differences and changes. You can be powerless one day and stronger the next. None of this needs a higher power.
If you need the higher power to take action, surely it follows that you are not really an addict? What happened was you didn't ask it to help or you resisted it. Thus you are claiming to be powerless when in fact you were not - you just refused the help. If you need help and you need to see your powerlessness before that help is possible, then one thing is for sure, believing in supernatural help is only going to get in the way.
Talk about the higher power leads only to therapists and life coaches and even doctors telling people they need to be at the lowest point possible at the rock bottom before divine action will be taken. Such a message is sick and arrogant and judgemental and insults those who stopped their decades of heavy drinking without hitting rock bottom.
Religion makes such a fuss about belief in God but it is useless in the worst trials of life. 


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