Under Catholic law, if you are Catholic then marrying in a register office is invalid.  It is not marriage.  You have to come to the Church for your marriage.

The Church says marriage is the bedrock of society. It actually means Catholic marriage or a marriage that God joins together. 

No form of marriage is really the bedrock.  It is the family and families appear in all sorts of forms.

Jesus Christ however stated that families should only happen in the context of marriage so he was saying that marriage was the bedrock and insulting any other family arrangement. He was saying that it is okay if a woman loses her husband to sickness and is left with six young children as long as the children were conceived within marriage. So that is all that is important. Marriage is not about a man and woman helping each other look after children but only about how the children came to be. A woman who has a man she is not married to who are devoted to their children is looked down upon while a married lady who had her children in marriage but with her husband is less devoted count more.

Commonsense and decency prove that one can have a close family without Catholic style marriage. Indeed the Church has to confess that some Catholic marriages seem to be successful though they are not real marriages. It is only when a marriage breaks down that attempts to have the marriage declared null and void take place. So if a marriage that was subsequently annulled didn't break down nobody would know the marriage wasn't genuine. If marriage is the bedrock of society and therefore the Church (for the Church is a society) then why does the Church endanger it so much? Any couple that agree to lie can get an annulment. State sponsored divorce has more respect for marriage than annulments. At least the existence of the marriage is recognised. If marriage is so important to society, is it not better to take it for granted that every wedding produces a real marriage except when a partner was insane or unable to have sex or when the groom accidentally married his beloved's twin sister?

It is hard to see how Christians who insist that marriage may take place in any legally accepted manner can know what they are talking about. We know that legal means human and what is human is not infallible or binding of itself (or necessarily binding) so it seems that only Church weddings might be valid. What if the state starts to regard a man and woman only as married properly when they give birth? Many countries only ask that a form be filled out and that is you married. Many countries treat common law marriages as real marriages after a time. In such cases, the couple are going against God’s will by even caring about satisfying the state regulations for it is honouring heresy and honouring people who disagree with God. It is honouring wishes that are contrary to the divine will. Any form of marriage that leaves God out or which is purely civil marriage contradicts the command of Christ to love God above your own life and that of others and his warning that whoever is not for him is against him – there are no in-betweens. It would be necessarily invalid and amenable to annulment.  

If the Bible is to believed, Satan controls all that God is left out of. When the Devil tried to win Jesus over to his side, Jesus was offered the kingdoms of the world by the Devil so the Devil must have owned them otherwise Jesus wouldn’t have been tempted. So those contracting marriages that are secular or civil or which don’t involve God would be unknowingly going to him to bless and validate their marriages! The Bible says that the state is to be paid taxes and obeyed in so far as it doesn’t contradict God. But it never says that Christians should seek their marriage recognition from the state – Satan. The state is only to be tolerated as the Church has to put up with it in the absence of a theocracy headed by the Church. It is another deplorable sign of Christian hypocrisy that the Church supports the state so well.

Same sex marriage contradicts the Bible teaching that -

marriage is the lifelong union between man and woman

That the kind of body you have matters so man is to be with woman

Marriage is open to children even if that is not possible

Marriage is to be blessed by God when most same sex weddings are civil weddings

The Church uses the law to invalidate gay weddings and prohibit them. Yet this same Church feels free to officiate at marriages that have taken place after a Church annulment when one of the partners got a previous legal marriage annulled by the Church which amounts to bigamy in the eyes of the state. This plainly declares that the Church has the right to undermine the state. The Church saying the state is the defender of marriage in God’s plan is inconsistent with this. A Church that defies the state or ignores it is severing the state from the power to protect marriage. The Church regards marriage as binding because she regards them as binding and not because the state does for she is above the state. The Church then is denying by its actions that the state is the protector of marriage and children and taking that role for herself though she cannot do it and does not bother trying in the sense that she does not give out the state benefits and privileges that encourage marriage and help it.


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