Secularism is the true teaching of right and wrong. Secularism says, "Live your life as you see fit." Your religion says, "Live your life only as God sees fit."

Secularism says, "Do not be influenced by religious doctrine but by whatever helps us to work better as a society." Your religion says, "God has rights and they come before anything else for we are to obey him and love him with all our being in obedience to Jesus Christ".

Employers may think that if they employ a person, their being Catholic has nothing to do with their efficiency or inefficiency at doing the job. But if it is true that the Catholic Church carries the mark of holiness - and no other religion has it for it belongs only to the true religion - then a Catholic employee has greater potential than a non-Catholic. Catholicism cannot fit together with secularism. It is secularism that proclaims the religious faith of the believer to be irrelevant when considering her or him for a job. Religion has to hypocritically contradict itself to proclaim that. Many have refused to be hypocrites and they have refused to employ people from other religions. To employ a Muslim is to support Islam and give it tacit approval according to the implications of Catholic teaching. The Catholic doctrine still warns against tacit approval of other faiths. Suppose a Protestant minister had no congregation for Sunday worship and he was going to lock up the Church and go home. Suppose a Catholic went to his Church and the minister decided to go ahead and conduct the service. The service would not have happened had the Catholic not come so the Catholic is an accessory to the heretical worship offered. The Catholic is indicating approval for Protestantism.

I am not going to stand with liberal Christians and pretend that secularism and Christianity are compatible. To consort with a faith that implies that secularism could be, never mind is, godless and evil is really just weakening secularism. It is like saying you are an Irish nationalist but want the British Parliament involved in legislation regardless if Unionists care about this or not.


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