This is quite a common idea among LGBTQ activists and folks.

It risks being accused of projecting your own internalised problems with being LGBTQ on to others.

It risks not admitting they think they have reasons for being non-affirming to LGBTQ.

It risks harming LGBTQ if you diagnose the enemy badly.

It risks seeing LGBTQ phobia in an over-simplified way.

It risks being seen as narcissistic where you think you are too great for anybody to want to hurt you for who you are so the problem they have is not with you but their own psychology.

You have to realise that many people do oppose LGBTQ relationships solely on religious grounds. The Church requires opposition to LGBTQ freedoms on religious grounds. It is part of being the Church.

Too many LGBTQ people reason, "The Church opposes my right to be happy in a same sex or LGBTQ relationship. I do not care for that shows that it is not about us so much as something the Church does not like in itself. Only those who have LGBTQ tendencies they fear and cannot accept or suppress, will disapprove of same-sex relationships."

This argument is actually narrow minded. It over-simplifies. Not all people who oppose something need do so for the same reasons or reason.

People can be genuinely disgusted by at least some forms of sexual behaviour. You may as well argue that the old woman is offended by scantily clad girls because she wishes she could dress like that as argue that only closet gays hate gays. Her disgust could be based on the fact that some men will see those girls as sex objects and she feels the girls are encouraging them.

God said in the Bible that men having sex together was an abomination - is God queer?

It is insulting to people who believe that sex outside marriage is bad to imply that they believe this because they want to engage in it.

One states that those who disapprove of same sex sexuality and relationships and sexual activity must have some unwanted LGBTQ feelings. That simply assisting those who wish to oppose their own sexuality on religious grounds.  Some are assisting it merely by claiming that they are in the Church and by attending its worship and giving it money with which to spread its silly message. They are desensitised to the full horror of RELIGIOUS homophobia. They help the infection to ruin others.


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