Suicide rates are high among young gay men and religion which condemns gay sexuality in accordance with the Bible will make sure that it not only stays high but climbs higher still.

Jesus said that evil leaders such as Caesar who were guilty of taking over his country were still entitled to taxes and obedience.  Paul in Romans 13 says much the same thing.  We are warned to obey the law of the land.  And yet they both would have known of places that jailed people for having sex with the same gender.

The condemnation of homosexuality excites much homophobia and drives many to despair and even suicide. It would be better to speak positively about homosexuality and stop condemning even if it saves just one life but the Church won’t do it showing how little concern it has for human life despite bragging about its great respect for life as the most important thing.

Catholics who rail against capital punishment on the grounds that human life is sacred are hypocrites. Their dogma forbids them to do that for all God cares about is what he wants and does not mind if people die over the things he directs the Church to teach. How anybody could expect this God to be unlike the bloodthirsty tyrant who commanded that gays be stoned to death in the Bible is a mystery. His commanding the prohibition of homosexuality is proof enough that he wants gays dead and for us to make sure he gets his wish. If we respect God we will advocate the murder of homosexuals for it would be disrespecting him and his law to be inconsistent. The Law claimed the right to command the destruction of Israelites whose cities broke away from the Law to practice idolatry and in effect became new countries with their own Law (Deuteronomy 13:12,15). So don’t let anybody dare suggest that the Law of Moses forbids the killing of the criminals God wants dead when it is against the law of the land. This also implies that the Law of Moses was to be imposed on other nations that were not Israelite as well.


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