Relativism is the view that you have a right to your moral opinion and that nobody should tell you your morality is immoral or wrong. It rejects the idea that anything is absolutely wrong. But it contradicts this by saying it Is always wrong to say relativism is wrong!
Relativism is itself intolerance. It condemns the view that morality is objective and real. It is not a proper response to the problem of tolerance. The pope speaks of the dictatorship of relativism which regards the person who rejects relativism as intolerant and evil.
The modern adage, "You have a right to your opinion/belief" is used by those who think they should think or believe whatever they WANT rather than think or believe whatever seems TRUE. It is a revolting misuse based on the wish to become immune to rational argument or persuasion. The only reason you have a right to your belief or opinion is that you use belief and opinion to find the truth or to improve your knowledge and accuracy. To say you have the right to believe or think what you want is ridiculous. It is not about what you want and you have no right to deceive people that it is. Grow up!
The person who tries to believe what he wants without regard to what is true is being intolerant of the fact that belief is based on evidence. He is not being fair or honest in this. He is not being supportive or tolerant towards those who want to base belief on good reasons. He will fear and tend to be bigoted towards those who endanger the facade he has created.

People say they have a right to their beliefs and opinions. That is actually a half truth. The correct thing is to say you have a right to your beliefs and opinions as long as you see them as helps on the journey to truth. If you say you have a right to your beliefs and opinions without any concern for truth then you are not being fair. Fairness is based on what is true. The person who sees the truth and calls it a lie is being unfair.


Those who tell you when you state a fact that it is your opinion are being judgemental and intolerant of you. It is not up to them to accuse you of stating an opinion when you are stating a fact. They are undermining your knowledge by saying it is an opinion rather than knowledge.


It is one thing to risk yourself and others over very credible beliefs but over opinion?  That is just stupid.  Religion as a body of opinion should not have such power in society.  It even controls hospitals and thus overrides healthcare systems which only use opinion as a last resort for they are about science and evidence.


Islam and Christianity are anti-sin.  Political correctness says that we should not say there are disabled people but people who are disabled. In this they are right. The expression people with disability makes you see people as people who have a problem. The other expression calling them disabled people implies that the people are a problem. It is referring to them in terms of their disability. Many say, "We condemn with horror the biblical claim that we are sinners. We may be people who sin but not sinners." When we separate people from sin we might as well go another step and deny sin altogether for the treatment due to these people will be the same whether we identify them with their sin or not.
The Church says that God is goodness itself which automatically infers that atheists and agnostics are doing harm for they don’t believe in him. We will not allow ourselves to be smeared like that. The more you love God the more you insult us. Your prayers for our enlightenment offend us for it implies if we do not convert then we are resisting the light God gives us because we are so evil. Anybody that attracts people to faith by claiming miracles have happened is opposing our rights and our right to a sound reputation.
You have people who discriminate against women and you have people who discriminate against people for the sake of God. The former are called sexists. As for the godists they are regarded as socially acceptable and that is hypocrisy. The sexist is better than the godist for the godist has no regard for human nature and has regard just for God.


Religion likes to spread the myth that the reason things are so terrible in the modern world and not getting any better is because of the huge fall off in religious membership and Church attendance. This is nonsense for in the vast majority of Churches there is nothing but boring pious platitudes for sermons and outrageous hypocrisy among the clergy and apathy among most of the people. The Churches used to be filled by fear. Do they think they can make a better world by taking us back to that? To suggest that declining Church membership and attendance are to blame for the chaos in society is very bigoted for it is accusing those who sincerely think they are right of being godless whereas a really good God would accept the good will of the misled or misinformed.


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