Paedophiles have often been the Bible’s biggest fans. In recent years, the stream of priests and clergymen who have been sexually assaulting children has been constant and never-ending.

Any book that teaches the existence of God is an accessory to the crime of paedophilia because it would then seem that God made paedophiles that way and wants them to be like that. Most paedophiles don’t feel and think they have done anything wrong. Those that do say they feel remorse are often not telling the truth. The ones that believe in God will consider their faith to have a lot to do with this lack of remorse for they will believe that God made them that way. They will believe that God made the laws that made them paedophiles and that made some of them unable to stop abusing children. It is certain that to say that God exists is logically to imply that he approves of child-abuse. To say that God allows paedophile inclinations for a purpose and has no choice but to allow them is nonsense for God could have created any possible state of affairs he wished. The doctrine of free will says he leaves a lot of change in our hands which proves that God could have made a very different world in which the inclination would not have been needed. The concept of God is pro-paedophilia. God himself is worse than any paedophile for babies are the top targets for his cruelty through their vulnerability to disease and their dependence on adults. To believe in God is definitely to at least partly sanction paedophilia which is so horrific that God should be cursed and blasphemed if that is what it takes to avoid this. It is vital that if you are serious about combating paedophilia that you must remove faith in God from your heart first.
It does no good to point to believers who work against paedophiles as evidence that counteracts this. Their example means nothing for it is just an advertisement for inconsistency and it cannot get them off the hook. And we all put our best feet forward too so example does not amount to very much in our minds.
The example of God believers in all matters does absolutely nothing to commend belief in God. They say it does which is why they say example speaks louder than words. But that is just asking us to ignore the bad example as if it does not count but it does count if good example counts. The bad example is predominant because most believers do wrong in the eyes of their God. So the good example philosophy is simply just boasting: “God shines through us so we are just great. Believe in him for we show you what he is like and put the evidence that the belief can do harm out of your mind.” Logically since belief in God does not do much good generally the belief must be bad then if you accept this example logic. You cannot condemn a belief by its abuse but the God belief is different for it is unnecessary. And it can be taken as condoning evil for God himself says he needs evil. To put it another way it encourages harm and it is certain that harm should be stopped whether God wants it or not. The whole point about fighting evil is that harm has to be minimised or stopped. And belief in God does imply that paedophilia is okay so paedophiles are not abusing their faith.
A child’s perception is very important. If a child feels abused even by people who did not mean to do it for sometimes sexual harassment can be unconscious then the child is entitled to compensation. These things are very subjective therefore if a child feels sexually abused then the child should be taken as a real victim of child abuse. If a child feels abused by the Church then the child has been abused and the Church should pay for it. Much religion is pro-child abuse in many ways and when abuse happens that it does not approve of it does not do enough to stop it. The nastier and more capable of misinterpretation its doctrine is, then the more pro-child abuse it is and the less it should be overlooked. The Roman Catholic Church and the Mormon Church and the Fundamentalist Christians are three examples of cults that in this way openly abuse and demean children. Religion is responsible for upsetting children even if it tries not to upset them because of the way a child can perceive. It is still to be blamed.
Religionists hold that even if faith encourages or leads to child abuse it should still be followed. Christians hold that it is better to believe in the Church even if it won’t baptise your children unless you let them be molested by the clergy first. Therefore religion is to be held responsible for child abuse. It takes it so do not let it deny it. If priests abuse children then blame God and blame Jesus and blame the Church. If they are really holy then it follows that the sexual abuse of children is holy. Trying to take over the minds of children is a really horrid and violent act – it is appalling child abuse.
As a child I felt that the God the Church had forbade me to do anything if I was sexually abused. I felt it was a sin for I had to sacrifice myself and encourage evil against me by forgiving the perpetrators. This is as harmful as actual physical sexual abuse for it removes the feelings of safety that a child should have. It diminishes trust in adults who are seen to be grudgingly blindly obeyed and whose opinions about God and Jesus are to be absorbed without hesitation without any regard for yourself. You are just a child and the adults know better- God can communicate with them better because they are bigger and smarter and know the ways of the world better. I was sexually abused by God and the Catholic Church and it is high time that the resources the Church has to do this are cut off. I mean they abused me sexually by making me available. I was made a sex-object. Doctrines that are an accessory to child abuse need to be fought against. When God does not make people realise these things it is clear that the message that is being sent to children is that God wants them to be molested. Even the suspicion that he might which is very easily picked up by a child can have devastating effects. A child will not understand stuff about God’s mysterious ways. There is no doubt that when a child believes that God let some man abuse or rape it that the child believes that God wanted this and the child will feel too guilty and worthless to do anything to stop the abuse. There are scores of thousands of cases where children have believed that the men raping and sexually assaulting them were doing the will of God. That the children believe this so easily shows that belief in God is propagated not out of concern but to please society and some eccentrics in dog collars and to fit in with the sectarian neighbours.

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