The purpose of this article is to prove that the Roman Catholic faith is deceitful and often deliberately deceitful. The faith is harmful too. When you understand the proofs, you will see that you will have to officially leave the Church.
The whole point of religion is that you abandon your freedom to do what you like and believe what you like. Religion may embrace those it calls sinners but if it embraces people who scoff at its doctrines as members then it is a joke not a religion.
Somebody said that a religion is just a harmful cult that got lucky. That applies to Catholicism more than any religion though it may brag about being the true Church!


You cannot believe in God without believing you have no right to judge God or criticise what God does. If you could judge God then you would be the real God. Your feelings and beliefs would be what is important and not God. When the Church tells you not to judge God it is really telling you not to judge its take on God. The Church pretends to be concerned about God when its true concern is itself. The Church is a deceitful self-serving outfit.
The Church claims that it is the voice of God and the bishops and the pope are the only authorised speakers for God in the world. If they are lying or wrong about what God has said, then they have given us a false interpretation of God to worship. What we worship as a result is not God.
The Church teaches that material goods and earthly relationships are not permanent - so we need God who is there when all else is gone. This view suggests that materialism would be recommended if the goods were permanent. It is not materialism it is against so much as it is against disappointment. So you have to direct your materialistic desires to God. Materialism then would be more altruistic and sacrificial than loving God!

The Church has never repudiated the doctrine of the temporal power of the pope. This is the right of the pope to rule. True Catholics must think that the world should let the pope be its ruler.
The Catholic priesthood likes to act like it has value but it does not. Men give their lives to the priesthood to preach bland irrelevant sermons.
All priests receive training in philosophy. They were without excuse if their religion is irrational. If their religion is deceit then it is deliberate deceit. It is deceit to teach things you should know are wrong if they are wrong.

The priesthood gets a salary and charges for dispensing the sacraments and saying Masses for the dead. Men who provide services like that which are not based on evidence are thieves. There is no evidence that the sacraments have any power. Most people who are made soldiers of Christ by confirmation show no inclination to be soldiers of Christ.
The priests show no concern for providing evidence that their services do any good. What would you think of a man who came to your door with a jar telling you that there is an invisible genie in it that will bless you when you buy the jar and open it? Don’t let the way you have been conditioned by the Church to look up to priests make you see them as different.
The priests claim that the sacraments they give work like vaccinations and cures for the human tendency to sin. They are paid by their congregations for administering them. They are like quack doctors who peddle cures and who make no effort to find sound evidence that the cures really work. Where are the trials and tests?

The Catholic Church presents doctrine in such a way that it ensures harm will ensue. For example, the Church teaches that if you are sinned against, you accept this as being deserved but you still disapprove of your treatment (Moral Philosophy, Joseph Rickaby). That way your power to fight for justice is undermined and you give a bad example to others.
This doctrine is confined to old tomes and is not emphasised. Thus most Catholics then end up being self-righteously convinced that any harm done to them is an outrage for they are so wonderful.

You may say that many people say they feel they have become better people because of the Church. But it takes a lot of assessment to verify that.
Though the Church believes that divorced and remarried people must not go to communion, it lets them perform the ministry of the word and play the organ. Oh the hypocrisy!
The priests say that to be baptised is the most important thing in your life. They say baptism makes you a child of God and part of the Church of Christ. During baptism God forgives your sin and takes away original sin.

Parents are not informed of the pros and cons of Catholic teaching on baptism and of getting your baby baptised.
Because of the general distaste for Catholic teaching that is in even most Catholics, priests are reluctant to be forthright. Jesus and the apostles were very forthright in the New Testament. Jesus called the Jews hypocrites. St James used the term ignoramus. They made direct straight talk a virtue and an obligation. The obligation was so serious that it was even warned that it was best to have few teachers of religion because too many would be inclined to hold back particularly in those dangerous times. Jesus is supposed to have been murdered because he spoke his mind
The modern idea that we should be careful what we say and keep our opinions to ourselves to spare peoples feelings is not in accord with the New Testament. The New Testament says that being silent instead of speaking the truth is a sin. It says that helping and informing people to give them the chance to make peace with God and do his will is more important than their feelings.
The priests are very inconsistent.
They teach that you should not give somebody too much drink for that is a serious sin and drunks will not inherit the kingdom of Heaven (1 Corinthians 6:10). Publicans, and their job is just to do that, are welcome to the communion table. Barmen who become priests are never asked to repent and many seminarians work in bars during the summer holidays.
The Church says that if people sin, they commit the sin of scandal – the sin of causing a bad influence and example. The thinking behind that is that we still have weaknesses towards sin and if we learn sin from others it can draw us to become sinners too. We all know too well that if a lot of people are defrauding the government, it soon gains some kind of social acceptance.
There is no worse influence and better educator in "sin" than television. And the priests have them in their homes!
The priests let people break the Sabbath today. The excuse is that people must work to provide meals and entertainment for families who use the Sabbath day to deepen their relationship as a family. Jesus did say that the Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath. But what about the workers deepening their relationship with their family? The Sabbath in the Bible is more about refraining from hard work than worship.

The word means rest.
Suppose someone reports you to the authorities on the basis that you are claiming government unemployment benefit while actually working. People will say the informer is a bad person. They will say he did this for spite. They are so hypocritical that they oppose law and order.
The Christians say that forgiveness means you don’t want to get your own back any more. So God must hate unrepentant sinners then. Christians must hate them too.
Christians say that God is important. They claim they have the right to have this important belief of their respected. It is not important to many Christians and is not important to atheists.
The Village Atheists should shout the truth out. The Catholic priesthood is a force for evil.  There is a sense in which all ministers of God not just priests of the Catholic persuasion are guilty of narcissism and/or instilling it in others.  Humility itself can be a form of pride if you want it to feel superior about being humble.  And pride can be a group thing so you might think you are humble as an individual when it fact you as a group participant are far from that.  How self-important must you be to feel or believe that you matter so much in God's dealings with the universe and the world that he might send trouble to another person just so that you can built character?

Religion likes to say that if you feel you don't need God or other people you will become nihilist.  In other words, nothing has value for you just because your needs are met and you are bored.  There is no need to strive to get anything so everybody and everything gets nothing from you but disinterest. 




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