Religion may just be an empty word.  If it is just a form of role play then the words role play should suffice when talking about it.  If it is not role play it still involves too much of it and that is enough to justify opposing it.

The hypocrisy, as in hidden bad deeds and people paying lip service to beliefs they do not have, is so rife that it shows the religion they have is the problem.  A good religion has to have enough results to justify being called good.  And any good that is done comes from our human nature.  Human nature cannot do bad all the time.

A lot of what passes for faith in religion is people wrongly believing they believe.  Non-actions are actions too.  Actions speak loudest.

Religion with its theatrics and fantasies and miracle frauds and lies looks like role play.  Without role play it would not exist.

If you define religion as role play then there are certain deductions.

If religion is role play then the primary activity is prayer and prayer is just acting out a role to make yourself feel good and spiritual.  It is stepping into a fantasy that you think helps.  If you want to pray for John to get well soon, don't pray.  Buy a pack of treats for the homeless person you pass by on your way to the park instead.  Praying to a God who has a plan means that you are asking him to do his will meaning it is needed in the scheme of things for John to die assuming it is needed.  This is not something John should find comforting or you either.  If prayer is not comforting on some level you will not be doing it.  We deal with the horror of how random things are by thinking prayer makes the random change in our favour - so it's not random after all!  This is crazy role play.  Prayer is definitely role play.

If religion is role play then the worst culprits are Jesus and Moses and Muhammad who set it up.   The prophet is his actor and his audience.  He acts like he can see the future and he sees nothing.

The role play gets a grip on people and that is not fair for we have a hard cruel and all too real world to live in.  People fear their own eyes getting peeled so they start to hate anybody who might just turn the light on.

If religious rights and religious freedom translate as role play rights and role play freedom then religion is an oppressor for it will not permit you even with the majority consent of your church to do a black mass role play for Good Friday.  Inventing religion would be a human right but the fact remains you have no right to tell people God gave you a message when you know it is not true.  Role play may be a lie but while we permit our films to lie and look real to us, if the films tell actual lies then that is intolerable.  Same with role play.

Religion is role play as in how you think God makes you feel like your life is a role and you are in a film. He controls all and creates all so you are a pawn in the tale he has woven. You feel that if you agree with what he does then you make his control your own. You become the slave that won't cut the chain but who galvanises it. 

Role play is at work when you just do what everybody else does and it is not really about trying to pretend.

The role play parts of the brain have been found to turn on when a person is engaged in public worship.
You can be a hypocrite and a role player both at the same time.  With role play, it is easy to become a convincing hypocrite.


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