The Church says that the Sabbath day is to be reserved for family and for prayer and rest and unnecessary or hard work are to be avoided (part 2185, Catechism of the Catholic Church). It has altered the commandment of God which forbids any work to be done even by strangers or non-believers. The sabbath commandment is routinely ignored though it is supposed to be one of the fundamental commandments - it is one of the ten commandments.
Funny how the Church does nothing to stamp out drinking on the Sabbath which surely must be a sin. For a religion that insists that the Sabbath day must be devoted to God and to prayer and unnecessary and servile work must be avoided it is odd that the Catholic Church does not forbid people to run venues where people can get drunk on the Sabbath. The Bible says drunks are barred from Heaven forever and so they must go to Hell. Desecrating the Sabbath is a serious sin which makes us question how deeply the clergy believe in Hell.
God according to Jesus wants us to love him above all things and with all our strength, that is, give all our love to God all the time, and to love our neighbour as ourselves. We can only love our neighbour and love God alone at the same time by loving our neighbour for God’s sake, to please God. You love them for God not for them. That is what Jesus meant. God wants the Sabbath day kept for himself so on that day we must make it more obvious that he comes first by restfully praying and preferring to do that than help others. Jesus saying that if a sheep falls into a pit on the Sabbath you will rightly pull him out doesn’t conflict with this for it is not a command to do good works on the Sabbath but only absolutely necessary ones. The Sabbath is not a humanitarian day but a divine day, a day to put prayer before people.

If people did not listen to the radio or watch television on that day the stars would not have to work to entertain them. Yet Catholics are not told to avoid the television or keep the radio off. The fact that the stars would still work if they switched off makes no difference. It is the principle that counts. They would be making sure that the chances of the Sabbath day being broken are kept to a minimum.

The Church does not tell you to have meals prepared and the fire set from the day before for the Sabbath.

What about hospitals? The Sabbath is the day for prayer to God who comes first so people have to neglect the patients (except in extreme cases) for he only asks that they be cared for for his own benefit anyway. Suffering does us no good for we can be happy in Heaven even if we never suffer so he only sends it to make us virtuous though he has no need for the virtue and it could hardly be a virtue to let a God like that mould and shape you. God did not say that the Sabbath was to be dedicated to the sick or poor but to rest. And he said it right in the middle of the Ten Commandments. Some good works in a strict case of emergency were allowed according to Jesus. If other good works were allowed on the Sabbath then we would have to look after the unfortunate that day and give alms to the poor.

The Church earns its wages on the Sabbath day. And then it forbids work on the Sabbath. The Old Testament never said that the Sabbath was to be observed by public worship or by giving money to ministers. The New Testament never sanctioned this either. Collections were taken up on the first day of the week for the Jewish Sabbath was on the seventh day. If they did worship on the first day that does not make the first day the Sabbath. The Catholic practice of the Sunday Sabbath is a heresy. The Church forbids earning on the Sabbath and then she makes her own money that same day!

It is a scandal that the Catechism of the Catholic Church requires that Catholics work to make sure that the state legally gives them the day off on Church holydays (2188). Rome still wants to dominate the state. We can’t give every religion days off so Rome wants legal protection for its feasts as if it had special rights.
The Church dispenses those who are sick from the obligation to attend Mass on a Sunday. It depends on how sick they are. You can't miss Mass because of an acne spot. It has to be a sufficient reason. It must not be an excuse. If you miss Mass for a bad reason it is a mortal sin and one will go to Hell to burn forever unless one gets forgiven first. The Church only made the exceptions to avoid seeming cruel. It doesn't really believe in its exceptions law for it permits very sick pilgrims to attend Masses at shrines. It does not believe that discomfort is a reason for not attending or the risk of infecting others with sickness. It praises those who go to the Masses despite being half-dead. It seems then that if you can't go to Mass when people worse than you do, it is a mortal sin whatever the Church says. Take a sick bucket and go. People who make it to Mass when there is black frost on the roads and when they risk their own lives and those of their children and elderly folk to attend are praised. They should be told off for risking their lives over beliefs that carry no corroboration from reason or evidence whatsoever. They degrade themselves by being that keen to obey the directives of men.

Numbers 15 requires that all the people must stone to death the man caught gathering sticks on the Sabbath. Some say that God could not tolerate sabbath breaking for slaves got a day off on the Sabbath.  God never said that was one of his reasons though it was true slaves were expected to do no work.  The commandment is clear that the sabbath is about resting so that one can think of God who rested on the seventh day of creation.  It is about God not man.  The man was thought to be deliberately defiant and hoping that others would be as disobedient as him. Now Muslims and Christians justify what was done to “sinners” by saying they were warned and thus asked for what they got. They drop the love for say the adulteress who gets stoned to death. They blame the victim! Even if it is true that the person asks for it we should not even think about that or let it influence us. Say a country invades us. We try to violently crush them. Instead of thinking they bring it on themselves we should keep thinking, “We need to protect ourselves." It is an outrage to say, "What terrible people they are for they force us to kill them and force God to approve and help us though he respects human life so deeply."  That is sheer hate expressed in "loving" words.  Hate is rarely open and clear.  That is very strong hate and clearly says, "We are too good to kill but we have to."  Thus the killings totally degrade the enemy.


Christians would say that sabbath breaking today is an insult to God considering what he had to do in the past to get it respected!


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