Catholic Sacramentals are White Magic

In Catholic belief, a sacrament is a sign that actually does what it signifies. For example, baptism pictures washing away sin and if you are baptised it takes your sin away.

A sacramental is a sacred symbol blessed by or through Church authority. They do not do what they signify in the way a sacrament does. They get their power from the sincerity and piety of the person who uses them and channel the benefits of the Church's prayers of intercession. So if holy water drives away an evil spirit, it does it because of the prayers of the Church.

A sacramental is in fact thinly disguised white magic.

If the Church prays for demons to stay away from earth, it is nonsense to say that God will not respond to that prayer unless some sacramental such as holy water is used.

If God waits until you get a sacramental before he helps you, then clearly he puts the symbol before helping you. He is not to be trusted.

Sacramentals lie when they purport to venerate a holy and good God. They venerate a capricious liar as God. They certainly are about harnessing dark powers for seemingly good purposes.

Sacramentals supposedly get rid of evil spirits, can be a means of getting venial sin forgiven by God or prepare the person for receiving the sacraments. If they don't, then they could be one of the best things the Devil has ever done to trick people.

The Church teaches that blessings and sacramentals in defiance of Church authority or approval do not work.

It says that if a layperson blesses, there is no guarantee the blessing will have any effect. It is the priest's blessing that is guaranteed. The layperson's blessing is only a plea to God that might be answered or might not be. But the priest's blessing simply will work - no buts.

In occult rituals, water and salt are blessed in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Catholics take this as proof that Satan can imitate the Church and lead people to bless sacramentals that cannot work. In the occult, sacramentals are used to manipulate secret powers. Some would say that the rituals prove that all sacramentals are occult. It makes no sense to say that a priest's blessing of sacramentals works and a magician's does not.

In many grimoires, the magician has to bless water and put salt in it and often does this in the name of the Holy Trinity. This is used to protect his magical workings or so as to be able to manipulate demons!

Holy water is sprinkled during exorcism upon the victim. It is reported that demons sometimes cannot bear it and claim that they feel it burns them. If holy water has power, then why do demons say that they hate it? That only encourages the exorcist and encourages the use of holy water. Is the demon pretending to hate it because it is white magic and therefore one of Satan's tools?


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