Is it true that honouring the saints is another way of honouring God?

The Church says Mary and the saints are not divine. It says it honours them not for their own sake but for God’s and because God wants them honoured so despite appearances honouring and praying to the saints is really all about God. The Church says it honours the saints no more than God does. They are honoured for God wishes it to be so.  So they say it is a sin to pray to saints as if they are independent of God.

It is self-righteous and pharisaical to think that a top person is praying for you and making up for your faults for the same reason it is vanity to use makeup to hide your flaws.
True prayer is just awareness of God as pure love. The Church blocks this awareness by having people allocate time for prayer and use it praying to the saints. Why would you let yourself have this awareness? For God or for you or both? For God for Jesus said we must love him with all our hearts. He said we are to love our neighbour as ourselves meaning for the sake of God.
The Church says it gives the attention only to God when it prays to the saints. The saints are said to be prayed to only in so far as they are the work of God and his friends and he theirs. The Church claims it does not worship the saints and angels but merely honours them because they are God’s friends. So the real intention is to honour God because he made the saints and angels what they are. They say that because God has done such great work in the saints to honour them is really to honour what he made of them.
But that can be done without praying to them. Protestants honour the saints and angels in the Catholic sense but they do not pray to them. They simply remember them with reverence and feel respect for them. They too will believe that the saints and angels pray for them but see no need to ask them to. They do not think saints and angels have the same knowledge of our situation as God has.
Some Catholics say that praying to saints is another way of praying to God for the saint takes the prayer to God. That is only an excuse for why get somebody to deliver your prayer to God when God is available to receive it directly? And thus if God knows all things a saint cannot carry your prayer to him.
The Church says praying to the saints is not idolatry because we honour God by honouring his friends. The reasoning goes, “You are not offended when your friend is honoured and neither is God. In fact you are honoured. Your friendship with him reflects what kind of person you are. God has made the saints what they are for he is the only source of goodness so you can imagine how the goodness of the saints shows the goodness of God.”
But the friend is honoured for his own achievements not yours. The only way it is honour for you is that you are glad to see your friend honoured. Your friendship with him does not necessarily reflect the kind of person you are. Your friend can get honoured for feeding starving babies while you prefer to look after your own children. That is an example.
Strange that you honour the saints to honour God. But if the saints are really that devoted to God, they will feel honoured if you honour God and do not even think of them. Indeed the less you include them the better for they want the attention put on God. You have to honour them by thinking of God not them and by praying to God not them.
If the honour given to a saint is really all about God, then the only way to honour the saints is to honour God directly. Some think that honouring the saints is an indirect way of honouring God. If the honour is really indirectly given to God then what good is it to the saint who is engrossed in God?
If the honour of an angel or saint is ultimately all about God, then why bother with the angel or saint in the first place? There are two options: the honour is not real honour for it's not intended to be for the angel or saint. Or the honour is not really for God. In that case, the angel or saint is worshipped as a god.
If honouring saints is honouring God then it follows that if you only pray to your saint it doesn't matter if you never pray to God. Catholics talk as if it does matter indicating they know fine well that saint worship is just a concession to the human desire to have plenty of gods.
The metaphor of how honouring saints honours God is: the father whose children are honoured feels honoured even though nobody seems to be even thinking of him. He feels no slight. But feelings are irrational. When the match rationality, that only proves they coincide not that they are rational. The heart is not the head. The father is still being slighted. The Catholic God is not like man that he will have irrational feelings.
If we are prone to sin like religion says, it follows that we like to avoid dealing with God directly in case he is the light that exposes our sins. That is what is really behind the honouring of saints. We feel safer if we think we are getting close to a man or woman like ourselves who had faults but who managed to become holy enough to get into Heaven at death. They are still less intimidating than God for they are holy as people while he is different and is pure infinite holiness. Honouring and praying to saints is suspect because of our liking for some degree of godlessness.
The Church reads how in the Bible, people prayed for one another. It reasons then that it is okay to ask the saints to pray for us. But it cannot know if the saints can hear us asking. If a saint is a saint, the saint will pray for us whether she knows she was asked to or not. So why not ask God to hear the prayers of the saints for us instead of talking to the saints? Praying for another is not the same as interceding for her or him. Prayer says, "God do what you will, I accept your will for this person." Intercession says, "God you want to do something to this person or allow something bad to happen. You are wrong - don't". Intercession is blasphemous. The Bible only has one intercessor - Jesus.
Conclusion: If we honour God when we honour the saints and we honour the saints when we honour God then it follows that it does not matter if we neglect to pray to the saints or to God as long as we do one or the other. But if you honour the saints to honour God and they are honoured because it is all about God then what is the point of honouring them? If you honour God and forget them you will still be indirectly honouring them. The attachment to praying to saints and honouring them in Catholics is really their giving in to a wish to have other gods. Saint-worship is disguised idolatry.


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