SAINT-MEDARD seems to be the white crow of miracle claims, the only credible case?

From 1727 to 1732 there were reports of miracles happening in the graveyard of Saint-Medard in Paris. These reports were recorded and checked by doctors and seem very convincing.
Deacon Francois de Paris was buried there in 1727. He believed that God did healings through him to defend his Jansenist faith.  Jansenism was a Catholic heresy that was similar to Calvinism and it said nobody was good enough to receive communion except occasionally. The miracles of the graveyard were thought to be down to him.
David Hume and the Catholic Church through a Benedictine monk investigated the cures and were baffled (page 18, Cults and Fanatics). Hume, the great opponent of all miracles, said it was the best miracle case ever as regards verification and the huge number of cures that took place but he was still able to find reasons to put it down to fraud (page 65, Miracles in Dispute). Many of the cures required stripping and being beaten and bizarre and unnatural forms of twisting and bending and stretching. Some women reportedly bent back so far that their necks touched their heels. A magistrate went to jail and suffered for revealing this and he never retracted it. The miracles had some eating excrement and sucking septic sores. These revolting miracles did nobody any harm that can be provably traced back to these acts. They are not really any worse than Jesus miraculously arranging to be crucified or giving people the hideous stigmata. The Roman Catholic Church boasts that no miracles take place outside the Catholic Church in such a way that they imply that another religion is true. They say that a Protestant could receive a miracle that shows him that Jesus really is God. But that verifies a Catholic doctrine and not the Catholic Church. But why not say then that when Mary appeared at Lourdes she was not verifying the Catholic Church but only the rightness of praying to Mary and seeing her as sinless? But then one would need to investigate every miracle claim in the world to make a statement like that. You could ask the Catholic leaders who have authenticated a miracle to prove that Joseph Smith never supernaturally translated the Book of Mormon. They cannot help you, showing that they do not treat miracles as evidence but as excuses for faith and baits for the unwary. Heaven knows what they are up to behind closed doors.
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The Most Dangerous False Apparition in the World

False Visions Which Followed Knock

Critique: “Poem of the Man-God” Medugorje’s Gospel by Brother James,

Saints Preserve Us!
This excellent site outlines the errors of famous Catholic visionaries such as Anne Catherine Emmerich and Marie de Agreda which they said their visions told them. But it puts these errors down to the visionaries misunderstanding. This excuse itself accuses God of being slack! It points out that when Satan speaks, in the experience of the Church, he states 99% of the truth that God has revealed and 1 % untruth because every little error helps his cause. In the Church’s experience, that is the way it seems to be which means Carey and the Church should not be accepting the visions of Emmerich and Agreda. The former stated that there was a terrestrial paradise near Tibet and the pseudo-Dionysus writings are authentic though they are universally recognised as heretical forgeries advocating a Hindu piety. Thus she fell into heresy. Her miracles defended those errors. Agreda insisted that all must believe her writings which in Church doctrine can only be said of sacred scripture and the infallible dogmas of the Church. Nostradamus claimed that his revelations were given to him by the creator God. Like Agreda he claimed to be the producer of new scripture and was a heretic. The site examines the proof that the apparitions of the Queen of Peace in Medjugorje are not from God at all.

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