Catholics tell us we may pray to saints so that they may pray to God for us.

Idol worship of statues is condemned for statues cannot hear or help you. If the saints cannot have an intimate knowledge of you, then it is idolatry to pray to them. Such knowledge as the butterfly effect tells us needs to be vast and virtually infinite. You cannot be dealt with as if there is no universe and nobody else involved. We are all involved. More about that later.

The Bible never says that the saints by default know all the secrets of our hearts and know enough about what is going to happen so as to be able to intercede for us. Protestants sometimes think the saints pray for us just the same way as we pray for each other - we do it as a gesture of good will and are not claiming to try and get God to do something as if he needs to be told and needs to be kept on the right path. Praying for another person is not necessarily the same as interceding for them.

So we are told.

Unpack this.

It is intercession if you are asking for a result.

It is merely bringing your thoughts of the person before God but without asking for a result and leaving it up to him when it is prayer.

But why would you ask somebody to bring thoughts of you to God but not in a requesting way? That makes no sense.

It is intercession it is about.

If you think the saints should try to influence God then what about the butterfly effect? Every event no matter how small changes how the future will be. For example, had one of Napoleon's ancestors simply walked past the girl at the market instead of talking to her there would have been no sex at a certain point in time and the person destined to be his great grandfather was never born. Thus there would have been no Napoleon. If there had been it would have been a different Napoleon. There is no such thing as a straightforward situation. A saint cannot try to influence God to help you unless the saint knows all things. If the saint knows all things then the saint is a god. Even the pagan gods did not claim such a degree of power. The saint would have to be God or better than God. It would be blatantly arrogant and irresponsible to try and influence God when he knows all things and you do not.

Those who say that idolaters deep down are not mistaken that there is a higher power such as God so they intend to worship him after all are only lying and making politically correct excuses for the idolaters. The excuse overlooks the fact that they are called idolaters because they treat what cannot hear or see or pity them as if it can.

And there is a difference between adoring false gods when you have no clear knowledge of the right one and when you adore false gods when you do have clear knowledge.

If God is able to look after you then a saint seeing all that is going on in your life is not a saint but somebody who has failed to mind her or his own business.


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