Melanie and Maximin reported a vision at La Salette that seemed to be of the blessed Virgin Mary in 1846.  The Sceptical Occultist indicates that the lady wasn’t very youthful when Melanie said she was a mad mother who would kill her children. Maximin indicated the same thing when he said the lady was beaten by her son. These clues have been ignored by believers but sceptics of the vision even Catholic ones has a good explanation for this lady's age - was she the mad woman who was blamed for pretending to be the vision? 

When you read the insane message she gave that corroborates that.

The "Virgin" told Melanie a secret and Melanie said later that she was permitted to tell it in 1858. Keeping something a secret like that and then telling it seems silly. There was no reason for it. Plainly, Melanie concocted the secret. The Church believes that the secret Melanie revealed was made up by her for the secret is silly. That is the Church’s excuse for believing in the apparitions but not in the secret. We must remember that the church didn’t want to look foolish by rescinding its decree that the apparitions were real when Melanie started making outrageous claims about what the Vision had said. To accept the apparition as real is to break the law of God given in Deuteronomy 18 that if a prophet claiming to be inspired by God gets it all right and then makes one blunder that the prophet is to be rejected entirely as a fraud. The miracle of correct prophecy then must be attributed to some other source but not God for God never inspires error or makes mistakes. To accept Melanie’s account of the apparition then is heretical and sinful. The lady she saw was not the Virgin Mary. The real Virgin would choose the right messenger.

The secret says, “There is no one left worthy of offering a stainless sacrifice to the Eternal God for the sake of the world”. This is frankly impossible for some Catholics will always do penance. It contradicts the Catholic doctrine that there will always be true Catholics around.

The Devil will be unloosed from Hell in 1864 to chip away at the faith bit by bit. He could do this from Hell so his getting out is impossibly ridiculous. “People will be transported from one place to another by these evil spirits”. This is the miracle of teleportation. This harks back to the Middle Ages when people believed that miracles were all over the place.

The Virgin even said that the dead will be brought back to life! Rome would become the seat of the antichrist who will be born of a Hebrew nun who pretends to be a Virgin. She says the Church will be supported by few and predicts many awful things including wars and people being misled by the Devil’s miracles and earthquakes which swallow countries up.

If the Devil hates the Church then he wrote this prophecy in order to make people suspicious of the Church and accuse it of apostasy so that it develops an uncontrollable tendency to schism. Catholics will say it has not but that is not the point for it should still be doing that. You don’t say that because a murder turned out to save lives in unexpected ways that the murder was right.

Melanie certainly invented her secret for she could not remember it all for she was not bright and it was very long. If she made that up it is most likely that she made up the vision too.


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