Belief in Secret Miracles happens then Science Expires

A miracle is what is not naturally possible. It is a supernatural occurrence. It is paranormal. It's an act of God.
Religion uses alleged miracles as evidence for the truth of its claims.
Belief in silly secret miracles is dangerous for it says we should neither trust or mistrust anything for we don’t know when they happen or how much they happen.
If silly known miracles happen it is supposed that silly secret ones happen too. Indeed one would assume that they happen far more often. According to some objectors, “But silly known miracles if validated only prove that it is likely for silly known ones to happen. We know nothing about the unknown ones and it seems we should not believe they happen for there is no evidence that they do.” But many miracle reports are not heard of outside a tiny circle of people. And to say it is possible the secret silly miracles happen casts doubt on all we take for granted. And to say they are likely is to deny the validity of any evidence we give for anything. Maybe the devil put Johnny's fingerprints over the stolen vase.
You could have a silly known miracle that you won’t see as a miracle until later. It would be mad to say that only secret miracles that will be discovered happen for you only happen to discover and so there could be ones that you will never discover. If they did not happen you would know if the miracle was real the minute it happens without testing and investigating.
The objectors are assuming that something can only be mistrusted when it is caught and that is terrible logic. Even Jesus himself said that if you can’t trust a person in big things you can’t trust them in small things. The same goes for a force. The objectors would have us saying things like, “That guy would steal the cross of a donkey’s back but since he does it to everybody else that does not mean he would not do it to you so you should trust him and employ him as your accountant.” Assuming that silly secret miracles don’t happen is just assuming. It’s no good for we are trying to look at the problem of miracles and how they relate to evidence in general logically which is the only way it should be looked at. We want to protect evidence so miracles should be abandoned.
What would be the point in a force doing crazy observable miracles and then not doing crazy hidden ones? So miracles abolish the validity of the evidence we take for granted in daily life.
Assume we should believe in miracles. Nobody who believes in miracles and who is sincere and who has a little logic ever says a miracle HAS happened for it would be better to say is that a miracle HAS PROBABLY happened. The reason is that there could be natural laws that do the miracles and these laws have not been found yet. And there are explanations for miracles, perhaps alien super-science or something, that don’t need the supernatural. You cannot ever prove a miracle so every miracle is a secret silly miracle in the sense that you don’t know that it is a miracle. You don’t even know if it is probably a miracle. Again, miracles abolish all evidence.
To admit public silly miracles may happen is to say that it is possible that the sun has died and the sun we have now is a replica. To say that strange and silly secret ones happen is to make this far more probable than ever!
You could say that even though x was exposed to y coughing over her, the flu virus she got was not from y but was a miracle one. If you claim it's a right to believe in non-secret miracles then it's a bigger right to believe in secret ones like that. Why? From the human point of view, there will be less controversy and bother for people. Secret miracles do not attract fanatics and give false hope to the desperate or be an excuse for them to give it to themselves. Charlatans will not be able to prey on people who believe only in secret miracles or not miracles. There will be no time wasted on the miracle claims for they cannot be investigated. From the intellectual point of view, there is no reason to believe in secret miracles. As there is no evidence for them we simply assume they don't happen. But it's no huge deal if we believe in them. Clearly to believe in miracles then makes us sure of nothing at all.

Science shows that antibiotics work. Or does it? What if they are useless and it is a perpetual miracle at work?  That would explain why people get better.  Researchers all agree that to view God as constantly or perpetually suspending natural law makes science useless and futile and blasphemous.  Even the suggestion that God could be perpetually suspending natural law or alternatively that what looks like a natural cause in fact is not (eg if antibiotics do not affect the immune system and the response of the immune system is not down to them but a miracle) ruins science.  Science does not make room for any doubt when something is verified.  And there is enough to bring doubt in if anywhere without miracles and the supernatural adding to it.
Miracles undermine the very evidence and support they depend on! They advance the superstitious mentality.


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