An evil God is not just an evil God.

There are many ways to be evil.  There are infinite ways to be an evil God.

A righteous smug God could pass for a good one.

Such a God will set up evil to happen but set it up to turn on itself.  Just because it is good for evil to fall does not mean that he cares about the good.  Evil is destruction and conflict and that might be the appeal.

Religion says God does not make evil for it is just empty and there is nothing there to make.  It is a lack where good is not present and should be present.  Evil collapses at times.  So it collapses for it is nothing not because God directs it like a force and sets a timer.

Top Christian philosopher Alvin Plantinga says that evil is terrible and vile but reminds us that it is a not just a foe but a defeated foe. This denies that evil defeats itself. God had to do something to it from outside to defeat it.  So evil is inherently solid and stable. As it destroys things, it remains strong in itself.  Evil then is a God in a way.  God is able to deal with evil only because he is stronger. This refutes the Christian notion that God has all power and is so powerful that evil is only a lack and has no power of its own.  Evil is not a challenge to God in this view.  In the other it is.  If you can challenge God for real then God is not much of a God.  Jesus by claiming to defeat evil by his blood was giving it a backhanded endorsement.

People like Hegel think the universe is one, an ultimately harmonious whole. There is no way to show that never mind prove it. People like him think that bad things or evils including moral evil are too fragile and fleeting to be real or to matter much.  If you hold that evil matters a lot then on some level you are treating it as a real force.

So we see so far that the argument that evil is empty goes too far.  It is more than that and the believers do think it is a power but won't admit it.  They fall into complete incoherence regarding the meaning of evil.  It is just a word for them and they don't really know what they are trying to convey.

If evil is empty and good is something then god or not, it cannot win.  Surprisingly though saying evil ruins itself and dissipates, sounds good if you want to discourage evil, it in fact is evil itself!  Talk about how we may try to be good and wonder why we keep being bad at least internally!

If evil inherently defeats itself or for some reason it always falls anyway then why does it eat itself into oblivion?  It must have weaknesses.  God, or good if you like, will either use these chinks in the armour to overcome it or will not even have to. Perhaps evil fails for good hits it in the weak spots and the evil is weak anyway so it is a marriage of external and internal attack. 

If evil eats itself then good does not conquer evil but evil ruins itself and leaves a vacuum and so good has to sweep in. It is not then my good intentions when I think I battle evil that deal with evil. The evil will vanish anyway. It does not matter what I intend. Evil does not care what I intend. It is arrogant to think that evil which is bigger than me or anything I think can be ruined by my intention!  When you look at it this way, each person wishes to virtue signal and boast that they destroy evil with their good will!

If evil is empty and good has to take over the void then what do you need God for?  Why insist on faith?  Why insist on Jesus? 

If evil is just too loose in its meaning then you have no solutions.  You cannot treat without a diagnosis.  If you see the problems if evil is vague then what might you do? Why do believers say they find that God’s ways as in allowing evil and suffering and remaining a good God are beyond our comprehension? That is an attempt to get your attention to God so you don't see how vague you are making evil and suffering.  They might say that evil and its servants are so clever and cunning that nobody can see the lovely purpose God has.  So they end up back where they started.  They say evil is vague despite trying not to think about it.  This just makes it worse and means they are deliberately worshipping a God who harms us with making evil vague and suffering unclear.  Or they are the ones doing it if anything they say about God is their own idea.  If evil and suffering are vague anyway and then you adopt the God idea which gives you another reason to declare them vague then God is clearly a dark belief that cloaks its true nature.  It is deception.  God is deception.


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