These days the Church does not dare expose its true colours.  Like politicians its leaders hide the nasty doctrines and put their best feet forward to deceive the people. The Mormons do the same and hide such shocking doctrines as that God the Father had sex with Mary to produce Jesus.

The Church stays silent when a religious cult is lambasted in the papers for breaking up marriages. It will not defend the right of the cult to do that though it believes that religion has a right to do it.
The Church says that a marriage should be broken if one partner changes religion and seeks to convert the children. The faith has to come first. In other words, the men who interpret the faith have to come first when none of them can prove to any great extent that God has spoken to their religion though they say they put him first. What kind of union between a man and wife is one where faith is meant to come first even if it leads to them ending up living apart hating each other?


Jesus says a man leaves his parents and clings to his wife and God joins them together and they cannot be separated or divorced.  If he thinks God has freely and deliberately made man and wife hook up so that it is really him bringing them together not them then that bans separation.


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