If God has all planned then prayer is pointless for he is going to do what he is going to do.

Some answer that "when you pray you add a new sequence into nature. So nature takes a different road without the prayer. That is how prayer works. It is not doing magic but just putting something natural into nature." This teaching makes no sense.

The sequence notion suggests that the asking and the prayer itself does nothing at all. It's just something that affects how the dice rolls same as throwing the eraser across the classroom does.

Why prayer? Why not nail-biting? Why not washing your feet, left foot first, on a Friday? It is pure magic and superstition pure and simple.

If your thinking of God and the need for help is natural then if that is how the sequence comes in that is not prayer working. It is nature working. And what kind of God will only let good things come if the sequence is a prayer? Why can't some good deed such as donating to charity be the sequence? Why can't this be the only right way? It must not be an alternative to praying for that just degrades it.


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