St Seraphim of Sarov who became a monk in 1779 is a thorn in the side of the Roman  Catholic Church for he was one person who was able to do miracles as convincing as those of Catholic saints and he was not a Roman Catholic! He was a refutation of the Roman Church’s claim that no convincing miracles take place except within the Roman Catholic fold.

Seraphim was beaten up once by robbers who left him for dead. This was his own doing for though he was a strong man he dropped his axe in readiness to take whatever they would do to him. Mary, Peter and John supposedly appeared to him in a vision and gave him a strange cure – one that left him hunchbacked and old-looking. The vision obviously sanctioned his refusal to defend himself when he was rewarded for his stupidity with it and a cure. A nun saw the virgin and John the Baptist and John the Divine appear to him and tell him he would be a saint. Sergius a fellow monk once saw Mary appear to him with Peter and John. Read about St Seraphim in Mother of Nations.

The stories are more convincing than the tales the Catholic Church takes as truly miraculous.


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