To serve a belief in a god that other people say you must have is to serve them not the god. For example, somebody invents a Messiah for you to make the only reason to live - just like the Christian God wants you to love him with all your heart. And that Messiah wants heretics killed and other religions condemned as leading to the inescapable punishment of Hell and the Messiah says that we don’t understand why he commands such things for he sees the complete picture and knows it leads to the greatest good. Who gets the benefit? Those who create the belief. It’s really those persons you are serving and they bring in the Messiah yarn to prevent you seeing that. Even if Jesus is God the Son as the pope says then Jesus may not be getting anything out of it but the pope certainly is. Anyone who wants you to fall in love with a person whose existence cannot be proven is twisted.

They say that you must love God most and with all your strength (not some of it) and love your neighbour as yourself secondly. In other words, you are not good enough to be put before a belief! We know today that unless you start with learning to love yourself and not God and not others you will never be able to be any good to others or yourself. This doctrine of loving God first of all and most is entirely evil though taught by Christ (Mark 12:29-34). Jesus said you should love God so much that you would rather gouge out your eye than be led into sin by it and he said it in the context of looking at a woman with sexual desire (Matthew 5:27-30). If God asked you to take on a terrible illness and endure it for all eternity so that somebody could go to Heaven instead of the Hell of eternal torment and you wouldn’t do it then you are breaking the commandment to love God totally. To say he won’t ask is to miss the point. The point is if he asked.

They deny that everything you do you do it for yourself. That's who it is really intended to benefit not the other person. Even when I do what I don't want to do I do want to do it under the circumstances. Want means desire and when I do what I desire I do it to get some satisfaction at least out of it. I am always looking for gratification therefore everything I do no matter how selfless it looks is done for me. This is what everybody knows and yet religion denies it claiming that because God calls us to love him above all things and with all our hearts we can love God more than ourselves. I am my own God and I cannot have any other. When I do something for myself or even when I give my fortune away to a beggar, I am doing it because I am getting something out of it. That is why I do it. The results may differ but my intention to please myself doesn’t.

They tell you that only suffering can prove that you really love God with all your heart and more than yourself and others. So religion requires heroism and heroic suffering just for the sake of the belief that God should be loved that much. Everybody is called to heroism and must seek it out. Those who don’t will be damned forever in Hell because Christ said that the command to love God with all our heart and strength was THE greatest commandment and the welfare of others was only the second. To break the greatest commandment then is the greatest sin. And everybody breaks it so nobody is going to Heaven. Anyone who would refuse to love a suffering child first of all and chooses instead to love a God who cannot be harmed and a God who is perfectly happy because he is all-good is a psychopath to some degree.

They claim the right to say and believe you will go to Hell forever if you do certain things. That is what they would do to you if they were God. Jesus rightly condemned the Pharisees for laying burdens on people while they sauntered about like royalty. So it follows that believers should take on the most difficult duties of love and service. They should be among the lepers even though it will mean they will die themselves. Their burden would be light in comparison to what happens in Hell. If anybody wants to claim that you will go to Hell if you die in unforgiven serious sin and that you could be evil enough to choose eternal Hell, then they should ask us to believe not by preaching but by being martyrs of love.


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