The Church denies the validity of gender theory.  Gender is what you are in your head be it male or female or non-binary.  Biological sex is believed to be a separate matter.  Distress happens when the head and body don't agree and medical and social transition to the gender you feel  you are may be necessitated.


Biological sex allegedly describes how every cell in your body is about producing large gametes, eggs, which means you are female.  Or small ones, sperms, which means you are male.  You are a system.  Thus a person born without sex organs will still have a biological sex.


A more rational view is that biology is human and thus if your system is that you know you are the so-called opposite sex in your head then biology has done this.  The sex you are between the ears is the one that defines you and that matters.


If say a man is married and has fathered five children and decides he is a woman and gets a new birth cert saying he was female at birth the Church calls that lying.  It says the gender he thinks he is now does not give him the right to say he was that gender when he was born.


Some trans say that transmen and transwomen are not men and women in the biological and natural sense except in their gender.


Other trans find this view offensive and bigoted.  The latter are the main targets of the Church which says you are the biological sex your cells say you are.  It says you suffer great distress as a trans person but this does not justify changing your body or saying you are not the sex you were born.


Deuteronomy 22:5 has God forbidding men or women to dress the same so that a man can pass for a woman or vice versa.  Now it is a fact that in those days clothing was basic and men and women did dress nearly the same.  The commandment says they must try to have some difference.  This definitely condemns transgenderism. 

When the Bible forbids things like eating unclean foods or touching something that a menstruating woman touched it is likely that it is against transvestitism even when it deceives or harms nobody. Could you imagine God or Moses allowing a man to dress up as a woman even when there is no intention to hurt anybody? The command forbids transsexualism if you understand the transsexual to be a liar who is merely an artificial say woman calling himself a woman. Or an artificial man calling herself a man. And the Catholic Church takes that view. It says that transsexuals deceive people and use trickery through surgery to appear to be a sex they are not. It condemns those who call themselves transmen or transwomen as being certainly deliberately deceptive for they only identify themselves as such to a few close friends.


The trans person who says they are not trying to lie to anybody will be told, "You are for you will ask others to call you a gender you in fact are not and you will respect their right to believe you cannot be other than your biological sex."  And, "Even if you are not lying to others you are lying to yourself."
To suggest transsexuals are freaks as the Church does, is to insult women who have had hysterectomies and infer they are not as much women as women with their wombs are. It is to infer that a woman who has a vagina and breasts built artificially after a burning accident is not a real woman or less than a woman who is "intact".


Some in the Church agree with the surgery if it can be shown that this drastic step really is the only way to control extreme gender dysphoria and as long as the person does not claim to be truly changed into the opposite sex.


Christianity, Catholicism in particular, pretends it cares about transgender people. It says you are the sex you were born until the day you die. Then it concludes that the gender affirming surgery is mutilation and changing is a recipe for unhappiness. That is telling transgendered people to be unhappy and that they are insane if they are happy. It empowers bullies who control others on the basis that the bullies know best. It is manipulative to tell people that changing will make them unhappy and vicious to infer that it should.  Do not forget that when a religion says it's not the way to happiness it is speaking as a religion and as being allegedly informed by God about how happiness is won. Nobody has the right to use alleged revelations to condemn or control the acts of others. It is evidence that must have the final say.


Would a loving God really put a man in a woman's body or a woman in a man's body?  Those who say yes are saying that God uses suffering and evil to do good.  But to argue that a transgender person suffers so terribly and has to go through traumatic and dangerous and expensive surgery and that is God's plan is totally unfeeling.  God putting a person through this for his purpose is that the person gets their body fixed would be callous.  Startlingly people would still worship a God like that!  To argue that God makes you suffer so you can become your true gender identity is unconvincing in the light of the doctrine that God uses suffering to help you and others overcome the seven deadly vices - pride, anger, sloth, lust and so on.  True support for transgenderism implies atheism.  Faith is a microaggression against transgenderism for it is not a credible response or support regarding this issue.

If a person wishes to change gender that is their own concern. If they want to identify has having no gender let them.  The Church should mind its own business. If a person has their body changed to conform to the opposite sex and claims to have become the opposite sex that has to be respected.  Not all transgender people see themselves as males in female bodies or females in male bodies.  Some have a neurological disorder where the body needs to have the characteristics of the opposite sex.  There is something in their neural mapping that is behind that.  For a woman with this condition, her nervous system will tell her she should have no breasts and have a penis.  She may suffer until she gets surgical assistance. 


Another fear the Church has comes from its questions about what would happen if all men were in the wrong body and all women were.  That will not happen but what if it did?  We learn principles from wondering.  How would people have children?  And it would be so hard that there would be fewer children.  The principle is that in reproduction it is okay to circumvent nature.  And a lower population could only be a good thing.


Transgender people have the right to get their birth cert sex/gender changed.  Religion needs to be forced to change its paperwork, such as baptismal certificates and wedding certificates, too. 


It is argued that transmen never demand testes, prostate or sperm the things that make a man a man.  It is argued that transwomen never seek to have a womb, ovaries and childbearing ability.  Those who point to these things are suggesting that transgenders want only cosmetic changes!  The answer is that they will seek those things if they become available.


For atheists or naturalists, nature is all there is and nothing non-natural ever happens.  So if we have to alter nature we are not really altering it.  It lets it happen.  For atheists if we can change nature for our good we should.


We most be careful that we do not think of transphobia in black or white terms.  It is possible for people who are not transgender to work for transgender rights without any affection for transgender people.  They may reason, "They are only a tiny minority.  If they were say one in ten I would not condone what they do at all."


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